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Dartanous Roleplaying Extravaganza. D&D3.5, L5R, SR5e, MHR & Warhammer


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(So this is the second time I'm typing this big post, god damnit roll20) So, I am going to DM 5 different games, and I'm looking for interested players. Generally I am looking for people that want to have fun roleplaying and playing a good game, rather than rollplayers/minmaxers out to 'win'. Take note though that if I'm lucky and get people for all of my games, there are some that's going to have to wait until they get to play their first game, since I am in that case not going to be able to start all of them at the same time, it could take up to a couple of weeks. What I am going to do for all of these games is that I'm going to host a one-shot for the very first session. There's always a bummer when a player have to leave for whatever reason and the party which is established in the world has to find a new guy to team up with and the game might be put on hold while the search is going on. So if the players doesn't mix well with eachother or there are any other problems, at least that can be fixed after the one-shot, and the actual campaign doesn't get interrupted. I am looking to play at every day except wednesday, thursday & sunday, and the time to start would be anything between 3pm - 6pm GMT. I generally like to play for about 5 hours, give or take some, but the players own wishes will also be taken into account for this. I am looking for 4-5 players for each game, except D&D 3.5, and you can read the reasoning for that below. Now then, on to the games themselves. D&D 3.5: This is the only game that has started already. The group is midway through the very first oneshot, and a player had to leave (Turns out oneshots are a good idea for game starts), so I'm looking for 1-2 players that wants to join in on the fun. The game setting is custommade, but it is very much like your classic sword-and-sorcery medieval fantasy setting. Some things you should know about this game is that I have houserules in play, but mostly they are very minor. There are things like houseruled flanking rules (only as to avoid the stupid congalines) and poison rules (because core D&D poison is weaksauce), as well as a critical injury table that WON'T be lopping off the characters arms left and right. Another big houserule is a warfare rule that basically introduces large scale battles & war for you to fight and/or lead, should it ever come to that. One last thing to mention, which might turn some people off, is that we will not actually be playing this one on roll20, since I cannot make good, big maps for D&D like I want it, so we're using another free to use program. L5R: Legend of the Five Rings is another fantasy sword-and-sorcery game, but everything from the setting, to the very swords and sorcery itself, is based on eastern culture and mythology, rather than western. In this game you usually play a samurai or a ninja, and if you're into anime/manga or eastern culture, you probably know already what I'm talking about. Even though it contains magic, monsters, lots of swords and eastern culture, it will however not be an over-the-top wushu type combat game in the style of Samurai Warrior. Combat is dangerous and deadly, and living and dying by the sword is a lot less glamorous than anime would have you believe. (Well, depending on anime) Edit: The version we're playing for L5R is the most recent, 4th edition. SR5e: I am not even sure if that is the short version of the name, but whatever. Shadowrun 5e is a futuristic cyberpunk-ish game set in 2075. In this game you usually play as shadowrunner, which is basically the name of the guys that do the 'no questions asked' kind of jobs, which are often illegal. They do the jobs that other men are too unskilled, expensive or talkative for, and they quite literally run in the shadows, most of the time, working unseen and working fast. In shadowrun there is both magic and races such as elf, dwarf, orc and troll, but there are also technological advancment like cyberware, technological implants in your body that come with all kinds of different effects, even entire (and often deadly) prostethics in place of an arm, leg, or even head, as well as a Bioware variant of this. Bioware is the upgrade of your natural body by unnatural means, and it doesn't quite take as much of your humanity as big chunks of metal or plastics where bone and muscle used to be. MHR: This stands for Marvel Heroic Roleplaying (game) and this is for the comicbook nerds out there, like me. In this, you create a superhero (or villain, if you prefer that kind of thing), and you can create and customize it to fit perfectly as you imagined him/her/it. It is very easy to learn and understand, and MHR doesn't have alot of complicated rules or details for every little power, which leaves alot of room for roleplaying. It is very easy for even the players to affect the story just as the DM (Which is called the Watcher in this game), hell, one recourse you're using are quite literally Plot Points, which you spend to make Plot Points, as the name suggest. This is a very good game if you want to roleplay and don't worry about the complicated stuff, while still having a surprising amount of depth. It is set in my custommade Marvel world, which is basically like the classic 616 counterpart with one difference: this world is very new to superheroes, Spiderman has been around for less than a year, the X-Men aren't publically known, The Avengers was recently formed, stuff like that. Warhammer: This expertly named game is Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, and it is a roleplaying version of the Warhammer miniature war game, except you only control your own character rather than an entire army, much like most other RPG's out there. For those of you that doesn't know, Warhammer takes place in a fairly classic fantasy setting, except it gots lot of brutality, dark humor and gore, and alliances are few and fragile. Nevertheless, without me wanting to talk about the story here, I can say that you don't have to worry about this being a character grind. Warhammer is a game where blood is often seen outside of peoples bodies, and it's not too unusual that an ogre tribe come rolling down from the hill to destroy a village and eat it's inhabitants. However, like my other games, I am going to have stories and roleplaying in it, this will not just be a brutal slugfest, altough your crazed slayer will still whetten his axe with the blood of greenskins at the mere sight of them. Edit: The version we're playing for WFRP is the 2nd edition. Well then, I hope to get some replies. Looking forward to play with you soon, unless you don't like my beard. Then rocks will fall on you. ...That's all, Dart out
I'm interested in Dnd and Warhammer o/
Well, you are welcome to join either or both of those games, of course:)
Would be down with L5R and possibly WFRP, depending on edition.

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Hey, I'm really intrested in WFRP 2ed and Shadowrun. Edit: I would be able to join if games would start 3-4 pm gtm, later would be a bit to late for me.
I'd be down for the L5R game

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Ah yes, the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay is 2nd edition, and L5R is for the 4th edition. Should have mentioned this earlier. As for the starting time, I am fine with 3-4 pm GMT, we just have to see for the rest of the players. So, right now it looks like this: D&D: 1 slot open L5R: 4 slots open SR5: 2 slots open MHR: 5 slots open WFRP: 1 slots open
i would be intrested in joining the shadowrun 5e

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Dartanous said: Ah yes, the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay is 2nd edition, and L5R is for the 4th edition. Should have mentioned this earlier. As for the starting time, I am fine with 3-4 pm GMT, we just have to see for the rest of the players. So, right now it looks like this: D&D: 1 slot open L5R: 4 slots open SR5: 3 slots open MHR: 5 slots open WFRP: 2 slots open Sweet starting time. I'm ready to sign up for L5R or WFRP, but I have questions about WFRP. How are we generating characters? Can we just choose careers? Is stuff from Tome of Corruption allowed?
Ah, only have the 1st ed. of WHFRP, so I guess I'm just down for L5R then!
As for WFRP, you generate characters in such a way that you roll for starting careers a couple of times, and choose the result you wish. I do it this way because there are some careers that are just better than others in what they do. But even so, the difference isn't that big. There is a special allowance if you ahead of time say that want to get a spellcaster. Also, we are going to keep to the basic core rulebook. Perdido - It's no problem if you only have the 1st edition WFRP
I'd love to join the WFRP 2e game. It's a lovely setting, and you seem to know your stuff, which is nice; it's when the GM decides that reading out loud from the module is the best option that games get tiresome, and that doesn't look like it'd be the case here. Also, you have my undying devotion for keeping the random character generation - Can we pretty please use the d1000 table from the Career Compendium?

Edited 1428424225
Thank you for the kind words. Unfortunately, we will not use the Career Compendium d1000 roll, as we'll be keeping with the core rulebook. With roleplaying and fluff, we can make any in-game profession avaliable within those careers, and while there's alot of fun careers from career compendium, they use pretty much every book avaliable for it's careers, which means I would be opening the floodgates. If there is a special thing you would want to be, like a runesmith, I could fix that, but if you say you want to be 'that warrior-career from this book', then I'll probably say no, since the core book itself has more warrior careers than I'll care to count.

Edited 1428431880
HI, id be interested to join the DnD game if theres still an open slot. you can add me on skype : kdn_night
If it's core-only (I don't even remotely know how I managed to miss the post right above mine), I'll probably retract my application. I'm terribly sorry for being both picky and imperceptive, and I wish you best of luck with the games!
Hi! I'm like really new to all of this... and would like to know if there is any spot for DnD and/or MHR and if so, how can i apply :$ and which steps do i have to follow. I can speak english but it's not my native language, so i don't know if that would be a problem :C
Throw me inte the world of L5R \ o /
Allright, sorry to see you go, Cultist. Felipe, all you need to do to join my game is to say so here, and I'll reserve a spot for you. However, the D&D game got filled up, so unless someone drops off or we're doing another one-shot because one of the newest members didn't work out, that game will be unavaliable. I will put you in for the MHR game though. Zornoz, I threw you in. Violently. You probably have a bruise now. Sorry about that.

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So, head count now: DND - 4/5: 3 taken slots, Felipe C. L5R - 5/5: Perdido, Mike S, Longes, Zornoz Vladimir R. SR5E - 1/5: jjkilla. MHR - 1/5: Felipe C WFRP - 3/5: Ted W, Dan K, Pron$. If I got it correct, it looks like this so far.
I'll pass on WFRP. But dibs on Dragon Shugenja :P
Well then, Dragon Shugenja it is.
I too should most probably pass on WFRP. My timetable is getting fuller and fuller, and don't wish to over commit and have to pull out. Sorry to faff about.
Guess I'll pass on SR5E, got in to a SR group, but I'm up for WFRP:)
Really interested in WFRP, SR and L5R. Can I know the days assigned to the listed games?
There are no days especially assigned to any of those games. It could be monday, tuesday, friday or saturday.
Hi! I'm kind of a newbie interested in shadowrun and available weeknights after 7:00 PM GMT. Make me know if the time may be good for you and the players you found so far :)
The thing is only my Mondays are currently free for a game. And if either WFRP or L5R will be on mondays - I'd be glad to join. I'm also interested in SR5, but less so.

Edited 1428512261
Ah yes, the monday will be free, but there is no set game on that day yet. So tell you what; if you only can play one of the games, let me know which one you would prefer to play, and I'll make it so that that game is going to be played on mondays. Also, Fred, the times I'm looking to start playing on would be between 3 - 6pm GMT, and starting a game on 9pm would be a bit too late for me, sorry:/
ok, good luck and have fun with your session then :)
L5R then. It's so hard to find an L5R group. I hope the games will be done by voice, not text chat? What software will be used for voice? I'm also really interested in WFRP, so I'll see what I can do with my time, and probably free another day. But m y priority is L5R. Not to sound a bit skeptical or suspicions, but are you sure you can run 5 different games a week on a consistent basis? It sounds like no small feat. I can't run more than 2 at a time, I just burn out pretty quick if I have to plan a lot of sessions.
Yes, my games will be done by voice rather than chat. We're going to be using skype for voice chat. Do let me know if you get a day free for WFRP, there's still spots open. And In the meantime I'm going to put you in the L5R list. Also, do not worry about me hosting 5 sessions a week. I am unable to stress out, it just doesn't happen. I can, however, despair completely, go utterly crazy and blow up my house. But that's pretty unlikely to happen...
And I guess you are pretty far away for me to hear the explosion. Great! Thanks for adding me to the game. Skype + Roll 20 is my preferable combo.
Well, this looks like it's going well. Could still need more players for MHR, SR5E & WFRP to start those up too, so here's a bump

Edited 1428594147
As a suggestion, you might want to start the games anyway, and just let them be open in Looking for Group listings, not everybody go to the forums to look for games
I am going to start the games that are full, of course, altough I am not going to to put them in the Looking for Group Listings, I am unsure about how all that works.
Warhammer is the hypest shit, depending on the day I'd love to be in.
The... Hypest shit? xD Well, that works for me. So far it could be tuesdays, fridays or saturdays it looks like, with a possibility for thursdays/sundays.
Well.. Sadly enough, for personal reasons, I'll have to skip out on DnD.. Still up for Warhammer though when that is up ^^'
I cant do Saturdays.
That is very good to know, so maybe we'll aim for tuesdays or fridays then.
It looks like I will unfortunately stop looking for players for Shadowrun & Marvel due to low interest. Still looking for a couple of more players for Warhammer, as I have a cool story idea for WFRP that I'd really like to do.