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Photoshop/Illustrator/graphic software Grid template ?

Hi guys, If anyone managed to solve the grid/map thing I would suggest to share a Photoshop/Illustrator or any compatible software grid layer file in order to help us manage making accurate maps or adapt existing ones. This way, importing them would be easier maybe ? I would be interested in getting one...
What would you want exactly? A photoshop empty document with guides (lines that won't be printed but which you can snap to)? An empty white png or jpg with a grid on it? Which size would you like? A transparent layer with a grid on it? A pattern with 70px square to fill any size of documents? You could also go to your photoshop preferences and set the grid to 70 px, and then activate snapping to the grid. That's probably the best solution: a grid the right size, for any size of document, that you can snap to or not and that won't be visible on the final document. If you can be more specific, I'll gladly make the file you want.
Chris Clouser
KS Backer
If you use GIMP, you can use the Grid filter/plugin thing (Filters>Render>Pattern>Grid, I think) to draw a grid on the map (or, as mentioned above, use the image grid option in PS or GIMP or what have you so you don't have a visible grid on the final map)
Provided the attachment works, the .psd file is scaled (with guides) to fit in a 4x4 grid area, good for tiles/etc. If you need 8x8, make the canvas two times larger, etc. When it's first imported into Roll20 it'll be -slightly- larger than the standard squares... that's normal, as far as I could tell. Just shift-resize down to the nearest square edge and it'll be in proportion for a 4x4 grid. Walls placed along the guide-lines will then be along the grid edge and not sticking into the 5 foot area of the square.
I don't really understand. Squares in Roll20 are 70 pixels across, but I see that you place your guides 150 pixels apart? Is there any reason?
Not really, I set it up as an inch-by-inch setup and not dependent on pixels specifically. The only 'advantage' would be that this is more easily scaled to physical printing if one needed to, but most of the things designed within that constraint would need to be done at about 300-600dpi for that.
70 pixels wide ? Ah ok, I didn't know it was already determined. Patrick, I meant a grid which can actually be seen (not guides) and serve as a visual reference. But indeed I guess I can make it easily myself through setting the photoshop grid like you said. I'll try. I am starting working on adapting classic D&D maps (well trying to) and I found some good material online (check this one : <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>) but it is difficult to have it match the Roll20 grid... PS : Patrick you're french I guess, me too :-)
Thanks for the link, there are some interesting things there. As long as you are able to crop the map by following the squares, you just have to resize it as a multiple of 70px and it shall work fine. The problems begin when there is a border withouts squares around the map... I am belgian, but french speaking. I think there has been some interest for Roll20 on the (french speaking) JDR Virtuel forum <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
Interesting, thanks for the link, will check !