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Looking for preferably DnD 5e newbie friendly games Saturday or Wednesday!

Hey guys, my name is Hayley and I'm looking to start playing DnD 5e. I really enjoyed 4e but I've been out of the tabletop loop for a little while - I live in the UK on a GMT timezone BUT I work night shifts so I'm pretty much on a nocturnal schedule 24/7. I'd be a super new player for 5e, so I am hoping to find a game that doesn't mind me going 'errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr what am I rolling again' for the first couple of sessions whilst I get to grips with the practical side of it. Because of my shifts, I would not be able to play on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday is really the best day for me, followed by Saturday! I'd love to play over skype, because I enjoy voice chat. Video chat is a possibility, but I am unsure as to how my webcam and the darkness in my room would handle that.
If I can, I'll toss my name in here in case you find a Wednesday game, I"m on Newfoundland time myself, so your nocturnality woudl sync up perfectly with my schedule, if you didn't mind
I'm planning to run a mini campaign for a few weeks using D&D 5e as the basis for my FATE Core conversation. What time would be good to start on Wednesday?
Fo rwhat it's worth, anywhere between 4 - 12, maybe 1 EST, but I could go later, but I"ll give Hayley Precedence since she made this

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Kyle's earlier times are also good for me. EST is six hours behind me, so 4pm EST would be 10pm GMT for myself, which is kinda my early afternoon. I'm usually up and about until about 6 am GMT on a Wednesday night/Thursday morning which would be midnight EST.
Let me rephrase my question for the OP. How early is too early? Would 6pm GMT work?
That'd be too early for me, but I'm not sure about Hayley
6pm GMT would be the earliest. I usually get up at about 4 pm so that gives me enough time to go to the shops and acquire snacks - a very important part of DnD.
I agree. As somebody who played Tabletop, food/snacks are essential. Link to my post .
Great! I'm going to have a think about a character concept and then toss an application in. :)
You don't have to spend too long. A big part (to me) being a GM is the creation process and helping players create something they want to play. I'm here to help.
That's so nice of you. But actually the thing I love doing most when thinking about a new character is actually doing some sketches of them as I think. So I'll do that. ;D