This group has 5-6 DMs that running games, but the group's DM to player ratio is a bit off (and like everywhere else) its challenging for players to find a game and table will fill up (with 4 alternate spots) after about 4-5 hours, If any DMs are interested contact one of the moderators, or just post up that you'd like to start DMing, and the group has resources available that they can offer, like the official modules, organized list of useful 5e APIs, custom maps for roll20 that are exclusive for the groups DMs. I've contributed a few myself. It's a great group, and it's looking for a few more DMs. The group is platform agnostic, but so far, but most DM's are choosing to use roll20, cause its awesome. But as of now they are only running official Organize Play modules, like DnD Encounters and Expeditions. DM's should take a look. <a href="!forum/dnd-adventurers-league-online-collective" rel="nofollow">!forum/dnd-adventurers-league-online-collective</a>