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TypeError: Cannot read property 'toLowerCase' of undefined

Sytem: Winfows 7, Chrome 42.0.2311.90, 1680x1050 24 bit, Java enabled, Flash 17.0.1, Cookies enabled. Problem: See topic title How to reproduce: Create a character using the Pathfinder sheet. Create a macro to call a specific roll in the sheet, IE: %{selected|repeating_lvl-1-spells_0_Cast} => Works as expected Remove the "selected|" bit so the macro does not reference the selected token => Error

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The Aaron
Roll20 Production Team
API Scripter
Hi Mattia, Are you placing this in a Macro on the Settings Tab or in a Character's Ability? Also, where are you seeing this error crop up, in the Chat, or the Javascript Console of the web browser, or somewhere else?
The macro is in the Character's ability (so it should know which character i'm referencing) The error appears in the chat.

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Stephen Koontz
Forum Champion
Marketplace Creator
Sheet Author
API Scripter
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Hi Mattia, The % symol represents an nested ability, which expects a character name/targeted/selected operator. You can read more about that here . Normally I'd suggest calling the attribute on the sheet that has the macro stored, but in this case it's a repeating attribute and those currently aren't supported. For your case what you want to do is add the character's name that you're adding the ability to. %{Character Name|repeating_lvl-1-spells_0_Cast}
Sheet Author
Sadly, this is a limitation of using repeatable items. Might I suggest lending a vote or comment to Official Support for repeatable sections