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Map making control change.

Hi, I had made a map for a group with an older version of Roll20, I go to add to the map, but then I find that the whole map has been demolished by the new update. This wasn't too bad as it wasn't hard to do... origionally, now there isn't a line tool that I can find and the new controls just feel too fiddly. I'll probably get used to the new fiddly controls but I absolutely NEED a line tool.
@Liam Oh no! In what way was it demolished when the new update went out? There were initially some issues with rotation but they should be fixed. Also, there is still a brush tool, but I assume you mean the old method of holding Shift to draw straight lines?
He is probably talking about the fact the draw tool was drastically changed in the update. Now free-draw does not work well but the block/oval tool works fine.
As far as I know the only difference between the old draw tool and the new update is that we separated out the circle drawing into the shape tool, and the "hold Shift to draw straight lines" functionality isn't implemented yet. Did something else change that we're not aware of?
I have no trouble using the freehand tool, but maybe he means that there is no line tool that draws straight lines? Admittedly, that would be nice to have (where you could have the lines drawn snap to the grid, or click at sequential positions and have it connect the dots). As it is, though, you have to "fake" straight lines with very narrow rectangles. (note: I don't remember if that was ever a feature of Roll20, by the way. I never use drawing tools in VTTs, so I have no idea what Roll20 started with).
Everything I had drawn prior to the update and been changed, making it look like I had used black blocks instead of a line. It made it so pretty much the whole map was just a bunch of random coloured rectangles. I'm currently using the draw tool now trying my best to have straight lines.
Are we still planning on doing something more to allow straight lines to be drawn quickly and easily? At present, it is rather clunky to draw horizontal and vertical straight lines. Rather difficult to draw diagonals. Next to impossible to move a straight line once it is drawn. Cheers, Mr G.
Yeah, some sort of line tool is what I probably need most right now.
Totally agreed. The current approach of combining features on the toolbar and then using function keys to differentiate them again is both unintuitive and clunky. It is quite a challenge to sketch out a simple dungeon using straight lines.
One approach might be a mode change, where selecting the drawing tools flips Roll20 into "drawing mode" - and provides a whole set of buttons for different drawing tools, so it doesn't require the function-key aspects to be functional. Say, clicking the drawing tools button replaces the current toolbar with: square, circle, polygon, freehand, and line tool. They can snap to grid by default (except for freehand, naturally), and be unsnapped with a function key, which reduces the function-key juggling to just one.