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Two Possible New Ideas For Roll20

Since you guys are doing development work on the beta version of this program, there are some suggestions that would be beneficial to game masters such as myself; 1. One of the things that I find difficult in combat to do is to identify individual monsters when it comes to identifying them for damage. What would be nice is to be able to identify each of the individual pictures with a number or letter that can be added to the file when it is brought to the map either by adding the number in the edit screen or by simply displaying a file name. 2. The other thing that I would like to see it that your program is being used to play games other than role playing games. I use the game to play friends around the world in games such as Crossfire (WW2), Song of Blades and Heroes (Fantasy Skirmish) or The Sword and The Flame (Victorian Colonial Skirmish). One of the things we have come across is the need to assign multiple figure units to commanders and it would be nice to have them assigned all at the same time when the entire unit is selected as a group in the Edit Screen if possible. It is not possible now, either as a game master or a player. Thanks for considering these two items. One is handy for a GM and the other is used for an outside-the-box use for your game that you may not have thought of. But your program is a natural for that use and you should consider promoting it that way. It is a natural for that use and is an outstanding format for usage in the skirmish world over the Internet. Bronco_6
I noticed that tokens don't show their names when highlighted or anything. Which is kind of extremely strange for a VTT. Makes it super confusing for a player. Especially on a over-world map with no way of indicating individual names.
Having tokens portraits (and names) have already been proposed. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> I don't know if it is on the devs list though.