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Folders in addition to Tags for ALL Resource Management

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+1 Folders for maps and macros would be amazing! I’d also like to be able to use the transmogrifier for macros.
Trix said: +1 Folders for maps and macros would be amazing! I’d also like to be able to use the transmogrifier for macros. I've been reading a lot of the tips and tricks lately. One of them is to make a character sheet to hold all of your macros so that they are portable (a macro mule). This really wouldn't be necessary if we could just organize and copy things easily. I can't get over how bad roll20 is at managing data
+1 See my post about the Page Toolbar Folder request
Reviving this because it's still relevant. It takes ages for me to scroll through the maps for my Curse of Strahd campaign. Not to mention all of the battle maps and interior maps I've added. I love Roll20, this would be a life changing fix.
+1 for map folders, I AM LITERALLY TIRED of my players having to wait for me to scroll around through the disorganized system of roll20
Echoing +1 for Map Folders and +1 for Macro Folders. It'd be nice to put a bit of order to the mess.
give us map folders, mine's getting cluttered!

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+1 for maps and everything else. I have no idea how this hasn't been implemented. With how intuitive most of the site is you would think this would have been taken care of ages ago.
Posted about Folders for Maps and Macros more 3 years ago ! Still no implementation and no answer on why not. :( Thinking about switching to a different platform because of it.  
This is a DESPERATELY needed feature. I can't believe it's not a feature considering how many votes have been cast for it and how long it's been requested for. +1 for map folders
Please give us some feedback and make this happen asap. +1 to all the various suggestions listed here, management is horrible. Even basic ftp type folder manipulation is infinitely more polished than this. Can't be that hard to come up with a viable alternative to this clunky system.
Folders for Macros is my dream...
Folders! Folders! Folders! Folders! To our maps!  
Map Folder would be nice, or just another way to organize the Page Toolbar/Panel. +1 to all. There are a lot of recomendations that shouldn´t be that hard to adjust...
+1 to macro folders, just added 18 descriptions and on top of my usual macros for skill checks etc its a bit of a mess!!
I would love Folders for Maps as well, having so much trouble with archiving them and later get them back out when I need them^^ So +1 from my side.
Macro mules are awesome and I really need to set one up myself, or maybe use several mules as "folders"... So I endorse peoples macro mule suggestion for sure since it's really smart. But eh... since it uses the Transmogrifier it does limit it to paying accounts, leaving Free accounts without the macro mule possibility. So for everyone , also including the Free accounts and those who doesn't use macro mules... yeah, folders would be great, both in the global Collection tab... aaand for the Abilities on character sheets. (I started writing something here that was supposed to be a short semi-relevant side-notice, but it got way longer and more detailed than a "side-notice" than I thought, and I don't want to hijack the thread with something semi-relevant ish, so I removed it. But if anyone is curious, it was about the lack of sorting possibilities for abilities on the OGL sheet... and I'll post a separate post about it in the OGL sheet forum instead.)
+1 I'm really feeling the need for map folders. I'm running a west marches style continent map where my players need to return to old maps months after visiting them. I would really love the ability to sort them by location.
Sheet Author
Lady Saga said: Macro mules are awesome and I really need to set one up myself, or maybe use several mules as "folders"... So I endorse peoples macro mule suggestion for sure since it's really smart. But eh... since it uses the Transmogrifier it does limit it to paying accounts, leaving Free accounts without the macro mule possibility. Any subscription level can use the macro mule concept.  The transmogrifier is more convenient, but anyone can move their macro sheets through the character vault.
+1 for folders for macros even as an API
It would be good if this extended to the game list as well, I have 3 games set up as templates so I can deploy them easily for different groups as well as the games I play in vs the games i'm running.  Would be nice if I was able to sort them into folders, I know tagging can sort of do this but I can't tag games I'm just a player in.
+1 from me for the markeplace purchases. I have so many now that I can't find what I'm looking for easily anymore.
+1 for folders everywhere mentioned previously, especially for maps!
+1 for folders
Definitely +1 for folders. Trying to organise campaigns that spread over multiple areas, it would be so much easier if we could organise by trees of folders.
+1 for folders for macros and the other stuff mentioned.
+1: Folders, Transmogrifier, and Sort A-Z for everything, especially pages , macros, and rollable tables.
Table Folders are really needed.
+1 with all the new free maps I definitely need folders to organize them.
Stuff that helps organize things, ESPECIALLY Macros, Roll Tables, Music...? Yup. +1 from me!
Abd al Rahman
KS Backer
Sheet Author
API Scripter
I can't believe how old this one is...
+1 Is your code base so messed up that you can't easily and efficiently add basic functionality like this, Roll20?
+1 Folders for everything like the Character Vault too would be an awesome inclusion!
Sheet Author
+1 for folders for everything (pages, tables, macros..), as well as transmogrifier copying macros, folders Considering going to another tool to avoid this pain of searching along my resources
+1 to all of this.
Yes please to these suggestions!  (But obviously fix the UDL debacle first.)
+1 Playing a multi-dm campaign and really feeling the need for Map Folders and Rollable Table folders

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Yes please. Really wanting some macro folders right about now. Using the Rollable Table Macros and got like 50 macros across several tables being jumbled together (albeit alphabetically) is looking like a pain, especially since I've more to do. Thanks team!
+1 on this too. Particularly for pages.  I think they should have their own tab on the right handside and be organised like the outliner.
Dungeon M. said: +1 Folders for everything like the Character Vault too would be an awesome inclusion! PLEASE with this! I hate having to launch the game just to look at my character/map/image library, and the interface in there is so limiting! Why can we not have a place, out of game, where we can manage all the stuff we upload? The manage audio bit seems to work somewhat for that, although it still is only organizable by playlist and could seriously use folders and subfolders, but at least that's something, at least there is some way to just manage your uploaded music. With other materials like macros, tables, images, etc. we don't even get that. Can we please have the same for macros, roll tables, all the stuff everyone has mentioned, and above all IMAGES? and not just token art images either - I'm glad we have that, yes, but holy cow that there's no place to just see and manage all of the content you have uploaded other than the tiny miserable in-game-while-playing library. It can be very frustrating, and I know we would all appreciate having something better!&nbsp; Also - I did read over on the tips and tricks page (here's the link:&nbsp;<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>) that some folks do use the token library as the out of game image library, but that it comes with significant issues because it is a workaround, like the images all being sized wrong unless you attach them to a 'character sheet' that helps maintain the size among other things. But I think we can all agree that we shouldn't need a workaround to do something as basic as look through our content library and assign them to games, folders, pages, and whatever else we need to.&nbsp;
Why isn't this done yet?&nbsp; It's going on years. Adding whatever votes I can to this ridiculously bad oversight that doesn't seem to be getting fixed.
+1 This. I posted a similar suggestion just a couple of days ago, and the idea is pretty much the same. Would like to see ALL assets and resources in a regular file folder structure. A popout window would be great. Being able to access it out-of-game would be great. Redo the drag n drop and design to make it more Windows/DOS-like. Simple. Easy. Intuitive.
+1 Would LOVE to have a folder for each of the sections in the Collections tab!
Much like this thread, we have petitioned to make the whole file management system more Windows/File Manager like. The current setup is clunky and UNintuitive. Plus, a pop out window would show file sizes and other helpful info. Please upvote us.

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Kenton said: What are your thoughts on this style of control for Macros, Tables, and Decks? The more I think about it, the more I think this is an awesome idea. If you have a couple of macros, tables or decks that you use by default for every campaign, this would be an easy way to both organize them and plug them into or out of any games you want. That said, some of these sets could become either so large or so many that they would need further organization. Implementing folders&nbsp; for &nbsp;or inside these sets could end up becoming vital, and it would be easier to try and bake such a feature into this new implementation rather than trying to patch it in years later after another request thread blows up like this.