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Nested inline not working with tables

I tried out some of the my tables with inline rolls this morning and they are not working they way I thought they should be. They way I understood it with the nested inline rolls it would now roll the [[3d6]] instead of just displaying it.
Ed -- I don't think that we intended that to be an addition with this new feature. As I mentioned in the update post, this doesn't actually change the Order of Operations for Roll20 features. Tables aren't fully processed until after all rolls (including inline rolls) are completed. So basically what happens is, we "roll" the table, get an index which is what is actually "rolled" (e.g. it rolled the 3rd item in the table). Then we go back and actually put in the text of the name of the item at the very end for appearances. So unless we go change that order, nested inline rolls aren't going to affect the functionality there. Not to say that isn't going to happen eventually, but this just isn't a "bug" right now :-)
Fair enough, I just remember seeing people talking about it happening with this change. I'm sure they weren't Devs speaking, So it's not on you.I do hope to see it implemented at some point. Thanks for the reply