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Friday 5/8/15 Kills & Loot


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Kevin the Barbarian
Sheet Author
API Scripter
The Vampire Hunters Character Player Title Notes Aoife Amanda Aslaard Amanda Borbo Chris Curtis John X Left rescuing the princess. Gorg Kevin X Grom n/a Run by Adrian. Ka'Gron Jesse Kyle John Arrived for last fight against ghoulcanthropes. Lorna Rich Lucien Chris X Marcus Chris Mindok Kevin Na'Ral Jesse X Ramkus Rich Sulow Rich X Tamrat Adrian X Thakaz Kevin Thea Amanda X Violet Amanda The Kills Monster Number Hit Dice White Ape 3 4** Gnoll 6 2* Wraith 1 3**** Vampire (driven off) 7 7 Ghoulcanthropes 8 4***** The Loot Item Quantity GP Value gowns 8 ? jewelry 8 ? gowns (closet) 13 ? jewelry (closet) 4 ? gem-encrusted plates ? 25,000 gem-encrusted goblets ? 20,000 gem-encrusted saucers ? 6,250 gem-encrusted serving trays ? 25,000 gem-encrusted dinnerware ? 3,750 gem-encrusted candelabras ? 5,000
I like the tidyness and that is a metric fuckton of gold.
So the Queen lays out a red carpet to her trap and we waltzed down it and take the bait, giving her just what she wants. In the following month she will control the Princess (now Queen herself) to kill her own father and start steering the kingdom to destruction. Naral and Ka'Gron have thought long about this and they are NOT pleased. They are actually sitting on Naral's Island plotting ways to: 1- Get the Queen of the urchin Isles uncharmed and 2- Make the queen suffer a most terrible un-death. Hey Steve, can you help me with building stuff on my island periodically, or are we just going to wait until you are done with the CPAs? I really just need a small cabin to get started.
Step 1: Have an invisible thief. Step 2: Have an invisible mage with teleport. Step 3: Have a cleric with Raise Dead.
I also should have gone with my first instinct which was to have Thea take the Necklace.
Did steve say that it was the necklace? And Naral or Curtis or Lucien could strap you to teir back and turn invisible, then fly to the tower where the princess sleeps in the dead of night (if the queen lets her sleep) put all of the guards (if any) to sleep and the Queen if needed and get the amulet and/or dispel magic on her. And of course let you do all the sneaky sneaks and we will provide magical support. Sound decent? Although we would have to be careful, no doubt the Vamp Queen has had the place ensorcelled somehow so we might have to dispel magic on the place first?
I'm sure that she is both charmed and also controlled by the necklace. Virez had the same kind of necklace and he was also under control of the Queen.
That"s true. We were duped way too easily, ugh. So we take the necklace and then destroy it and dispel magic on her, maybe kill her and revive her just to be safe.
Kevin the Barbarian
Sheet Author
API Scripter
The rest of us could always cause a distraction near or at the palace while the inviso-porting team goes inside.

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Yeah. This is some siege level shit. And let's just be honest people. We could take the urchin isles if we wanted them, we can get to the Queen.