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What does a player do when someone pretends to be them?

I'm putting this here, if nothing else, as an awareness thing. For the first time ever, someone decided to pretend to be me for the purposes of PM'ing the GM of a game I'm in (That does not matter in this case, as I'm back in said game) to state I'm unable to play and to effectively drop me from play. I was shown a copy of the PM, by spelling and Grammar alone I could tell it wasn't me whom had written this message as certain minor things I have a near-OCD kinda thing for was all over the PM. I'd like to know though, what other people think of this rather underhanded method to get players out of games. I know if I was contacted; talked to; etc, I would have sorted the issues out unique to this particular game. But I dare say... this one has me completely baffled as to why someone would go as far as create or alter their account to mimic my own.
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First and foremost, email <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> regarding that. Very, very, very uncool. The Devs won't suffer such behavior. They will want to know who the GM is so they can look at who actually sent the message and deal with them. Second, it's an unfortunate side effect of being able to change your Display Name at will that you can can easily pretend to be someone else. If you know some one well enough, you might recognize the number of hours they've played, the badges they've unlocked, the people they've played with. However, you'd have to know to look at their account, and that would only work for some people anyway. As to why, unfortunately on the internet, no one knows your a dog. Some people just have bad ideas and limited morals.
Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow. Dude all I can say is, whoever this person was, that is some low and terribly shoddy methods to just get into a game?! Thats just insane! You have my sympathy man, i'd of easily just banned him straight from my table for behaving like that.

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If this was in the game, your GM can go into the chat log, if they haven't deleted it... and right click on the whisper sent to them. If they're using Chrome, select 'INSPECT ELEMENT' and then click on the little arrows to open the message elements. The GM can then get the user number from the avatar element and find out who it was.
Wait... What? Maybe we all need to come up with secrets words so we know who is who...