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Tokens/maps etc sub-categories

This may have been suggested before, sorry if it was. I think it would be useful, especially if the objects library will grow in size, to be able to search items such as maps, tokens, portraits etc per categories and subcategories. I know there is a tag system, but for some searches it could be useful to have libraries of files. Finding the correct word for an object can be sometimes difficult (yeah, English is not my first language). Could not find "thief" or "magic-user" tokens until I found out I should use the term "rogue" or "caster" for example. And it would make the browsing of objects easier, imo.
I'm not sure if this could be done, but if the tag system were rnovated so every picture had at least 10 tags, it would be easier to find a "warrior" holding a "bident" who is a "dwarf" with "red" hair and "plate" armor. It would take a long time for people to upload pictures if they tagged it themselves, but if somehow everyone on this site gave a tag or something to a picture... I'm not sure if or how it could be done or even if it's possible at all, but it would make searching much easier.