I wanted to have a place to pad everyone on the back and just say thanks and wow to how far we have been able to come! But that is much to vague. Instead I decided to create a place where I can come to whenever I feel particularly greatful for a specific thing, and post about it. You are very welcome to join me in this! Thanks to Roll20 (for example for implementing pictures in chat messages and rolling templates and the talking to yourself feature so I can test these before I pull them out during the game) and the Pathfinder Character sheet (for making good use of the templates) and the d20pfsrd (for having the relevant info). Of course those are the smallest of their accomplishments - there is a bazillion little things that work great. But I personally prefer receiving very specific thank yous over the generalized ones. So here is a very specific thank you. If you have a feature now that you did not used to have on Roll20 (or perhaps even in real life) this would be a great place to share - and if someone did not already know of the feature that you are expressing your gratitude for, perhaps they could learn about it here. So questions related to the features presented in this thread are also ontopic here. With warm greetings from Germany, Julix