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I'm sorry roll20 I really am

"Joseph, You've played over 2226 hours in games using Roll20. Have you considered becoming a Supporter? It helps fund further development plus gives you great perks like more storage and direct access to the Dev Team." I will one day I promise... For now my several thousand dollars of medical bills come first... Along with the rest of life... But hey I mean this is where I go to "party" being the social recluse that I am. I've had a lot of experience on here with all sorts of people. I have seen dozens of different kinds of DM's and even more kinds of players. I am avoiding DMing myself for fear of personal addiction and all consuming drive to flush out more area than is needed for players. So for now I will gladly accept playing with many (most) of the wonderful people of this community. Also anyone got room in a Pathfinder group for a half-orc Samurai who is a renown actor know for his terrifying portrayal of Oni and other demons? A former caravan guard turned actor when one of his clients destinations left him in a town with little outgoing trade. He is known to be a bit rough on the edges but he tries to see things from others points of view. Just never make him draw his sword...
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Personal health and real life commitments come first at all times :) Also, as an addicted DM I applaud your ability to resist the lure of power! Well done!! Your character sounds really interesting, be sure to post in the LFG forum, someone who has invested that much into the back story of a character certainly will be snapped up in no time at all... good luck.
Lol thanks Ziechael. That particular character came from a now stopped Jade Regent PF setting. I was invited in because players were not showing up consistently enough. Then the week I was to join it would have only been two of us. The following week same thing but we played anyway. The DM decided to kill it and had lost his will to DM for a while so he is off doing real life things as well.