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D&D4E Friday Evenings LFPs Newbies Welcome!

Got a Beginners type game going and need a few(More) regular players. I've got 2 regulars and would like at least 2-3 more. Current PCs are Human Paladin Barbarian ??? We could use a Leader-Type and anything really. Could use some beginners or Expierianced Players to help teach the Newer Players. PCs are still 1st level and depending on how successful this is, it might become a full fledged Campaign. I'm currently running an old 4E Encounters Season but will most likely create an original Campaign once everyone has a good grasp of the game. Here's hoping for some players:) GF
Hey, I'd be interested in joining in. Send me a contact request on Skype, Jaredstaudisaboss.
I would be interested in this. I'm no stranger to 4e on the tabletop, but still very new to the roll20 website. Send me a PM with the details!
What time on Fridays?
I'm not looking to join a game, but if you all want to be players you are welcome to play in my One Shots campaign. Always looking to expand.
Gary, Thanks for the offer. I'll be sure to send any over flow to you. Davuron, usually we start about 9PM Eastern Time. I have enough Players to at least work with now. THIS THREAD IS CLOSED!(At least til I see what I've got so far.) GF