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Lair Assault 4e Thursday 7:30 MST - 1 shot July 20th

Interest check on this. We have a regular Pathfinder game that we had to cancel this week, so looking for 1-3 players to fill roles for a 1-shot Lair Assault with 4e ruleset. If your not familiar with Lair Assault, please google it.  It's basically 1-2 tactical combats built for optimized PCs.  Please post to this thread, and which role you'l like.  Experience with 4e is required and DDI (or access to DDI) is also required (but I will run an home made easymode Lair Assaults for newer players if there is interest).  Post here, and I'll send you a link to the campaign where you can find the Lair Assault guidelines.   FYI, Lair Assaults are not usually beaten, meaning characters usually die. You even get points for dying! So if your not up for that kind of challenge then this is not for you.  Please google Lair Assault before applying.  There will be minimal opportunities for roleplaying character, meaning narrative, dialogue and those things are de-emphasized, while the tactical combat aspects are pulled to the forefront. 
7:30 PM, btw.
Interested (in both the normal and home made easymode), would prefer striker role. Only have a little over 2 months experience, don't have DDI sub but have access to updated offline CB - is that OK? Any idea about the starting level?
Im interested. What level and any certain character creation rules? Rather do harder one.
Intrested as well, thinking of going battlemind or sword mage if i get in.