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New Marvel Heroic Roleplaying Game, LFP

So, I am looking for players for Marvel Heroic Roleplaying Game, or MHR for short. For those of you that doesn't know, MHR is much less boggled down with rules and detail than many other games, focusing instead on roleplaying and characters, set in a world about Marvel Comics. I am looking for a few players, but no earlier experience with the system is required, since the game is easy to learn and play. The players I'm looking for should have some interest in story and character progression, as well as marvel comics or superheroics in general. I tend to focus much on storytelling and character evolution, for a lack of a better word. That is to say that what your character does, and how he does it, will reflect in the general publics view on you, and in the plot itself. Another thing I do is I make solo sessions for the players that wants it, as well as regular group sessions. Think of solo sessions as your heroes own comic book, where the focus is on him/her, and their own personal story and growth. Group sessions are more akin to X-Men or The Avengers, where all heroes have a chance to shine, but no one hero get the sole focus. What hero you play will be decided by you, as well as the general feel of your 'comic book', or play style. Do you maybe want to play a dark, grim antihero, not afraid to kill people, fighting crime in the dark moonlight city at night, battling vicious criminals and psychopaths, or do you prefer a more colorful, upbeat hero juggling crimefighting, friends and school, and cracking a few jokes in between? And what about his personal life? Maybe he has to hurry and put a supervillain behind bars and not be late to his girlfriend party, or can he just do what he wants, because his home is dark, cold and lonely? Will your technologically advanced combatsuit require regular upgrades, repairs and tweaking, or is it more of a thing that maintains itself so you don't have to worry about it outside of combat? so with this I hope I have made a decent job at describing what kind of game it is and what I'm looking for. The hours we'll be playing can be anytime between 2pm GMT and 12am GMT. Or possibly up to 5 hours earlier on weekends. Other than this I have no set time or date, and I am looking to see when my players are avaliable for playing. I will want to talk to everyone a brief bit before you'll be invited to the group, and the very first session will be a one-shot type of thing, to see if everyone in the group plays well together. This is something I'd rather do than having to kick someone mid-game because some players doesn't mix well.
Sounds potentially interesting, though you don't say what you're using for the campaign, which suggests that you're probably using voice.
I'm quite possibly interested, but a lot will depend, of course, on the players involved. Would you be up for a chat over Skype or somesuch? If so, I can pm you my info. Much as I feel that RP quality is generally a little higher with a text focus, I cannot commit to that, since arthritis makes extended typing quite literally too much of a pain for me, I'm afraid. On the other hand, I'm an experienced roleplayer and storyteller, with a focus on the psychology of characters, rather than the mechanics, so you can generally expect a considerate (and sometimes considerable) output of in-character replies.
Indeed I will be using voice, but as long as my players doesn't mind it, we could use a mix of typing and talking. In my experience however, a mix of the two has a tendency to leave the typers out, since it's not as fast as talking. I would not want any of my players to feel left out, but if all players are okay with a mix, and they'd wait for the text, it could work. And yes, I'd like to talk (or chat) with my players beforehand. If you'll pm me your skype info I'll add you
Yeah, I'm only a text player. People talking would leave me out, because I wouldn't be able to understand them.
Had a good chat with Dartanous. I think this could be a good game, and it's worth taking a gander on it, if you're interested. Seems we're using the (excellent) Cortex+ rules.
I have a few confirmed players, and would look for 2-3 more. Again; the very first session is going to be a one-shot to see if the game plays well, the players work well with eachother and if they like the gamesystem itself. Even if we were to get a full group quickly, the game won't start until early august at the earliest, due to RL reasons. Another thing I should mention is that we are creating our own original characters for this game, rather than play as established canon characters in the marvel universe.
Sent you a PM with my Skype info. Hopefully you still have open spots.
Takes place in the marvel universe? So we can potentially interact with other marvel heroes?
Is would love to join I love marvel! But I have one question can I text instead of video and voice?
First off, yes, you can and will interact with other marvel heroes, villains and civilians. It is not the mainstream 616 marvel universe (the universe where all the comics takes place), but a universe of my own making. The universe is very similar to the mainstream one, most characters exists and all, but the one key difference is that my universe is relatively young, meaning in this timeline, spider-man hasn't been around for that long, the Avengers are relatively new and so on. The world is somewhat new to the whole superhero thing, and is unaware of the existence of aliens and gods and whatnot. Majot events like Civil War & World War Hulk has not happened either. As for the other questions, I believe we will mostly be using voice. If you believe you can keep up with text only, as the others talk, you are welcome to join, but in my experience the text roleplayer gets somewhat left behind, because it takes longer to type than to talk:(
When are you playing?
The game will start sometime early august, due to me leaving town for a couple of weeks:)
I would be very interested in playing, depending on what we have planned for date and time. I have always been interested in playing a Superhero rpg, but I never got the chance.
The date is not yet determined, but possible on saturdays or sundays. The time we start will be somewhere between 7PM - 10 PM GMT and go on for a few hours. Both the date and time I will have a discussion with all my players about
I am very interested in joining. I have played this once before but just as a one shot so want to learn the system better. I have the books as well.
Well, due to limited spaces, I can't guarantee you'll all be able to join, but do send me your skype info's and I'll talk to you there. However, I will be gone on sunday and will most likely be unavaliable for a couple of weeks or so after that