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Copy / Extend Campaign

Just found the interesting functionality regarding Copy / Extend Campaign. That will be very useful. But ... correct me if I am wrong,but it seems it doesn't make it possible to prepare modules from a campaign in advance (that is BEFORE PCs are created) and then permit players to jump from a module to a new one... Or, if I start playing a Campaign with players, and before the campaign is finished I want to start working on the next module, What will it take as players info ? Info when it was created or automatically update with the latest info from the PCs ? As a suggestion, I think the PCs info (macros, tokens...) should be filed in a players library and chosen by DM / players when joining a new campaign. That would allow players/DM (according to see/edit rights to be determined) to prepare macros whenever they want for example and choose which character they want to join a campaign with. What do you think ?
In a nutshell, rather than solely copying from a campaign the players info or journal an additional functionality could be "Import updated latest info from (list of campaigns)".