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[First DM Challenge] I will run a Pathfinder One-Shot game... but there's a catch.

I will run a single short game from 7-10PM EST Tuesday night (it's already officially Tuesday here, so tonight then, ~19 hours from now). Anyone willing to participate needs to be ready to play by 6:30, and either have a "well rounded" and "any campaign" character ready by then, or be able to create a setting appropriate character in under 30 mins. The conditions for player characters are Lvl3, wealth is 3000gp, attributes are 10+1d8 (roll 7 times and drop your lowest), Hitpoints are max at first level and rolled thereafter, you get a free light or medium armor and a free martial or simple weapon (any special materials or upgrades comes out of your pocket) or an object specifically required by your class (e.g. spellbook, holy thing, etc.). Characters may not be Evil, Lawful-Annoying or Chaotic-Ruin-It-For-Everyone. If you want to use it then you need to be able to link to it on the PFSRD <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> . Naturally, rule zero applies to character generation. Participation is first come, first served, and the first 4 players who are ready to go at 7 will be the ones to play. Here's the catch... You have to imagine the game and propose it to everyone. The most outlandish and entertaining proposal (that isn't too hard to piece together at short notice) will be the game we play. Fake points will be awarded to proposals that are inherently awesome, convince other players that they are awesome, and convince the lazy DM that he won't have to do much work to pull it off. A bonus 5th slot will be saved if you have the winning idea and got beat to the table by 4 other players. So, do you think you have the creative muscle to challenge the DM? Imagineering... Begin!
Afternoon bump. Any takers?
nvm i cant figure out how to build a character XD
Ideally skype or ingame A/V
i cant figure out how to build a character
<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> That makes it pretty easy.
Let me know if you need help.
I think I'll be able to make it, and I could probably make a sheet for one other person if they're having trouble. Do you want proposals early or at 7?
Early haha. I like to improvise, but I want to at least be able to get a few tiles thrown in.
Damian, sorry, I was distracted earlier. What are you having trouble with? Easy guide to building a character: Choose a Race: Note the bonuses the race gets, or simply keep the page open in another tab for reference. Choose a Class: Anything on <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> is acceptable. Write down the stats listed for Level 3 (Base Attack Bonus and saves for that level). On the right side you will see a column labeled special, you get the special bonuses from every level. Roll your attributes: roll an 8-sided die 7 times and write down the numbers. Scratch out the lowest. Then add 10 to all the numbers. You can assign each of these numbers to one of your attributes (strength, dexterity, constitution, intelligence, wisdom, charisma). Pathfinder, and DnD in general use what are called "modifiers" for many things. Your modifier is the relevant attribute with 10 subtracted and then divided by 2. For example if you have a strength of 18 (a strong fighter) your strength modifier would be (18-10)/2=4 or what we usually refer to as "+4". That is what you add to things like combat rolls. The reason for this is that having 10 in an attribute is considered average, a negative number to be a bit of a handicap of sorts, and anything in the upper teens being 1-in-a-million level of ability (e.g. the best weightlifters in the world would have a strength around 18 or so, and the best thinkers might have an intelligence of around 18). The modifier just gives you a more reasonable number to add to things. Hitpoints are described by your class: A barbarian has a d12 hit die. That means it rolls a 12 sided die every level to determine how many hitpoints it has. For my games, your first level is maximum hit points and doesn't need to be rolled. A barbarian would get 12 hitpoints and then roll for the hitpoints gained at levels 2 and 3. After that, you take your constitution modifier and multiply it by your level, and then add that value to your hitpoints. Skillpoints are described by your class: You get your intelligence modifier plus whatever the class says as skillpoints every level.
The characters are part of the Royal Puffin Postal Service, a package delivery company that delivers all over the continent. Their latest delivery is secretive and important: None of them know what's in the box, only that it must be delivered to the capital unopened as soon as possible. The characters have made it halfway to their destination, and are just pulling into a small frontier town to rest for the night when they overhear gossip that the Buck Teef gang (a notorious group of goblin bandits) and their "creepy new friend" are here. What's worse, they're harassing people and demanding a package that's exactly like the one our heroes are carrying.
where do i put everything? im only used to the DnD insider 4e builder
Tell ya what, I'm going to run and grab a shower, be back in like 30 mins. Then I can hop in a bit early and help you get something set up. Cool?
<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> This ok?
lol its soooooo complicated compared to 4e
@Bidoof, heh, it'll be interesting to finally see what an alchemist can do. Never played one before or had one in my games. What are your feats there? @Damien, Actually Pathfinder simplified 3.5 edition DND a bit.
Also, check your messages Damian
Draconic Aspect: Gives me +5 fire resistance and is a prerequisite for: Draconic Glide: Benefit: You gain a +2 bonus against sleep and paralysis effects. You grow a pair of wings that you can use to fall and glide at a safe pace. You can make a DC 15 Fly check to fall safely from any height without taking falling damage, as if using feather fall. When falling safely, you may make an additional DC 15 Fly check to glide, moving 5 feet laterally for every 20 feet you fall. They're new feats from the Advanced Race Guide.
Cool, found them.
Here is the game lobby:-------- edit: starting new lobby
I'm going to pop out to print a few things for work, but I'll be back in a few minutes.
Alright, we've got 1 player in. Who else is game?
I guess this is was a little bit of a last minute sort of thing. Pushing it back to the same time tomorrow. Same bat time. Same bat channel.
I'll be up for doing it tomorrow!
hey when is the game taking place
honestly ive never played 3.5e ...... thats why its so complicated for me
7-10PM EST tomorrow night (well, technically today here as it's 1:30 am already) I will make a new lobby for the game and post it at 6:30. The first four players (Besides Bidoof, free pass for being the only participant of the first attempt) to enter the lobby will be playing in the game when we start at 7. I want to find a decent format that works so that this can happen on a more regular basis.
Going to be starting in about 30 mins if anyone's interested.
i still dont have a sheet
Here's the new lobby for anyone who's interested: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> If you want to hop in Damian, I can help you with that.
Sorry about dropping in like that, thought that it was over. Just saw your post here and was interested in how your game went.
Oh, I didn't notice sorry. I don't know how much fun everyone else had, but I think it went well. It took us a while to get started being a "whoever shows up plays" thing, but we ended up going later and playing for about the same amount of time. We were thinking about continuing it for a bit, but I will probably still try to make the "DM Challenge a weekly or bi-weekly thing if I can.
Next time, I'll probably get the word out a little earlier, and say that anyone who wants to participate in a DM Challenge needs to have their character ready at least 30 mins before gametime.
I think we had a lot of fun! We ended up going a lot later than expected because it took about 2 hours to get the characters set up, but once we were ready to go we had a lot of fun. There was a lot of interaction between the characters, we had 3 encounters and the GM did a really good job keeping us on task.
Well... one very anime encounter ^_^
Thanks Joel. :)
Next time we play, I can do any evening besides Friday and Saturday right now.