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Bars 1,2 and 3

maybe a stupid question but what are you using the 3 bars for, guys ? Will be playing AD&D1 game soon and except HPs can't really see what the other bars could be used for. Was thinking about using the Bar3 for ammos (arrows/bolts) though. I've seen suggestions of adding 2 more bars. I guess could be useful for other games of course but at this stage wondering for some AD&D game. Any suggestions ?
I am playing Savage Worlds and I use Wounds, Fatigue, Bennies (but only the numbers in the bullets, I keep the bars invisible).
Eric D.
KS Backer
In 4e we use bar 1 for HP and bar 2 for temp HP. A few guys use bar 3 to track turn based effects, counting it down 1 each turn.
Using one of the bars for timers is great, especially since monsters in my game don't have a Gauge for Limit. I'm stealing that for my FF game that I'm planning!
Axel Castilla
KS Backer
For GURPS, I use these three bars for keeping track of Wounds, Fatigue, and Luck/Fate points. I'd like to be able to customize the nº of token bars, though. Sometimes I'd use just two, and other times I'd use none, or maybe four of them (a fourth bar for Action Points, if I'm using that optional rule from a Pyramid magazine issue). I can see more uses for these bars, such displaying the armor Damage resistance, or it's "threshold value" regarding edged weapons if I'm using an optional rule from Low-Tech.
Mr G
KS Backer
In Hero system games I use one for Stun, one for Body, and one for Endurance.
I currently run pathfinder and use a spell point system for casters and I use one of the bars to keep track of spell points.
I'm using it to track the Hp/temp hp/mount hp. Bars 1, 2, and 3 respectively. Bar 1 and 3 are far enough apart that it looks like the mount and rider are almost 2 different tokens stacked on each other.
Good idea indeed Phi regarding mounted creatures.
Ken Bauer
KS Backer
HP, Temp HP, Healing Surges (4e)
In 4E I'm using HP, Surges, Action Points