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Geneforge Game - Interest Check and Considerations


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Greetings. Recently I've been considering a game based on the Geneforge saga, possibly with a few minor alterations to the game world as presented, and I was wondering what interest there was for such a thing, and what thoughts those familiar with the saga would have. Just to be clear, this is just a general interest check and "pulse" taking, it is not a game that is currently put together and you can not, yet, apply. Thank you :)
Sounds like a great idea, but it'd probably come down to system and all that. That might be a funny one to handle.
I'm pretty intrested
I'm considering GURPS for the system, but going "lite" on the rules a bit, since that system has a lot of detail which, frankly, wouldn't be entirely relevant to a game like that. If someone has a better idea for a system though I'm all ears, so long as it isn't Dungeon World (looked at that already).
It'd almost certainly have to be something modular, so GURPS Lite is actually a good idea. Savage Worlds might also work.
Yeah, that was the thinking. I'm considering the possibility of letting the players be Serviles ("rogue" ones) in an abandoned area, but I'm not sure.
I played some of the games but not very deeply. I could get into it, playing a Shaper. It would just have to fit my schedule. But as a game idea in general I think it would be cool. Would you make it sandbox or narrow?
I'm very much a sandbox GM, tending to even let the players join the "horrible" side if they, as a group, decide to do so. As for shapers, also a possibility, but the concern there would be balancing I think. Even a modestly experienced shaper would pose a very real threat to a drakon (that's like a humanoid dragon, for those that haven't played the game).
It sounds like a decent idea. It's been a while since I've looked at Geneforge, but I'm pretty sure this could be my kind of game.
So, roughly four interested parties so far. I'll put that down as "moderate interest" I think and hope it's better when, if, I choose to go ahead with a game like that :)