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Finding error message cause

"Error: No attribute or sheet field found for character_id -JgdjqLeDoq_yhQdpisc named " I have GroupInitiative and Turnmarker running. They were working fine but something is now causing the above error. Any suggestions on how I find what is causing it? Ta. If I reset the macros it doesnt occur. I have to go into the campaign then come out.
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I would assume that GroupInitiative is looking to use an attribute that doesn't exist for calculating the initiative of a token, what is your setup for it?
I thought that also, went through all the tokens I had been working on and they all seem to be the same. But there are quite a few and if it is juts one it will be tedious.
How are you invoking GroupInitiative? That message looks like something's trying to access an attribute named "", which obviously isn't going to work well. A cursory look at the code suggests that "!group-init --add-group" was executed with a misplaced '|', causing a group to be created with an empty string in its attribute field.
It seems to be my player icons, I get an extra GroupInit call after them, but not after mobs. Might just recreate them and see what happens.
I seem to have lost the star icon used to indicate current active icon, the pentagram thingy. Can't seem to trigger its return either...Maybe thats it, without that icon it would fail to move it and generate a message. How you you recreate one?
Woohoo, I found another symbol on another map, moved it and it has started working again. Hopefully problem solved.
The Aaron
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API Scripter
That error is just showing up in the log, but otherwise everything works? If I remember correctly, that error messages is from getAttrByName() being called for a character sheet attribute that doesn't exist for a token (such as one that doesn't use the character sheet). Unfortunately, there isn't a way to check and see if an attribute exists in the character sheet (ones that are defaulted or that are not yet filled out will not have actual attribute objects yet). So long as it is just in the log, it is not a problem, just log detritus I have no control over. If you're getting a crash though, that's different and I'd be happy to help debug it.
Yes it is just a log message and doesnt stop anything working.
The Aaron
Forum Champion
API Scripter
Ok. You can safely ignore it. That's just what getAttrByName() does if the attribute with the name doesn't exist, even on the character sheet.