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Name Badge or Tophy to Recognize and Acknowledge Extra Helpful People

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The regular users and supporters, along with Mentors and Moderators deserve to be recognized for their extraordinary efforts to assist the Roll20 Community To this end, I suggest a Badge Icon and/or Profile Achievement to visually acknowledge and give recognition to members of the community who noticeably go above and beyond to help people out. Examples:
Forum Champion
It could potentially be labeled, Roll20 Help Team
Pat S.
Forum Champion
Sheet Author
The Aaron
Forum Champion
API Scripter
/em blushes.
Forum Champion
By the way "Achievements" is the other Roll20 term for the badges (as displayed on the right-side Example graphic). Just thought it might be useful for Suggestions Search to mention the word, Achievement badges in the thread.
What an awesome idea! I need to free up a vote for this.
+1 And done, the foreground map layer has more than enough votes ;)
I think this would be a great idea. Since the mentor subscription is now called pro it will probably stop a lot of people who just wanted the features and didnt want the messages from getting random pms but I feel like there were quiet a few of us who always tried to lend a helping hand to anyone we noticed or who asked us because of that. If there was a way to put a badge or even some kind of mark so people know we are okay with them asking for help that it would make the community a bit stronger again.
I Do Love This Idea I do pride myself on being helpful Maybe a Way to list with How you will help or people could click your star saying your supper helpful And maybe list a little blurb about how you helped them...
Forum Champion
Sheet Author
API Scripter
As soon as one of my votes gets freed up i'll be lending more than verbal/written support to this idea. Roll20's biggest draw (other than the constant state of advancement and development!) is it's community and those helpful souls who make it easy for newcomers to get involved (after a week on this site I felt like part of the family!). +1 from me, + another cause i'm a Pro subscriber and + one more cause i'm a mod ;) Why have 'power' if you can't use it for good!!
I have a number of votes available because I don't want to upvote ideas that I find only marginally useful vs the ones I really want.  But I'll upvote this because people like The Aaron deserve some recognition for their efforts.  I'd probably have converted to a different VTT that shall remain nameless by now if not for them (since it has official 5e D&D license and would save me hours of effort making monster tokens).
Sheet Author
Roll20 has a really wonderful community and acknowledging those who go above and beyond is so important. In addition, I'd like to suggest that when users get a certain number of "recognition points", they are rewarded with a month's free subscription, a free art pack of their choice or something similar. Recognizing the work of volunteers is how you keep your volunteers.

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Sheet Author
API Scripter
MarkOfTheDragon said: And still he is SUPER HELPFUL! The Aaron for Roll20 Community President. :)
We've got the Forum Champion tag now. I feel like this topic can be closed and marked as complete.
lol! it only took 7 years :)