I had a LFG post not to long ago because I was looking for another stable weekly group but everyone who offered was playing on or around the time the one other group I played with was going on. Unfortunately our DM is looking to put an end to our campaign due to real life/work related issues out of his control. So I figured I would post here again and see if I get some similar responses. I can do a large variety of times/days but I can promise you Thursdays are out of the question . That is my 12 hour shift day and needless to say I am not coming home and able to roleplay unless I am playing an exhausted laborer... Lol Anyway I am up for just about any setting tho I will avoid way of the wicked because I am pretty far into it with a group of RL friends who play randomly rather than weekly or so. As for what I play I have done a large variety of character types tho lately I have been leaning towards creative strategy and play rather than the smash and grab. (Due to two settings that require forethought.) Little Info about myself: I have played with a large number of groups I feel at this point on roll20 and know very well what I am willing to play and not play with. So I will not be wasting anyones time once I get a sheet made out and into play. I am commonly asked to join mid/early campaign/setting for different modules for groups that either simply have players becoming inactive or they have RL issues to deal with. Either way I am more than happy to join midway through. I ask tho that I not be brought into a setting that is near its climax as I have not had the opportunity to play most settings all the way through. I am just really looking for a group who has a strong willed DM that will see things through and a group of adventurers who will not retire before their story is through. Work Schedule at the moment: Sunday/Monday off  Tuesday/Wensday 10am - 3pm Thursday 10am-10pm Friday 3pm-10pm Saturday 4pm-10pm Once again this is EST/GMT-4 My most recent class types/play styles A half-orc brawler raised by bears but then taken in by nobles seen as a child blessed by the forest. Later to join the adventurers after looking for his bear family that had been taken from their home. He now represents their fledgling kingdom as their general.(Kingmaker) A Kitsune rogue who believes herself to be a minor deity fallen form grace due to lack of worshipers. She has forgone almost all forms of physical combat in exchange for innate magics and cunning. Often using wit and words to get around trouble but leaving just enough skill to help out when all else fails. (Way of the wicked) A half-orc samurai from far away lands once a caravan guard turned actor when merchants stopped leaving the city with goods to sell elsewhere. He became renown for his terrifying portray of Oni and other demons that had taken over his homeland long ago. Often wearing mask to hide his heritage he is also known for his ability to negotiate and resolve minor fights in town without ever needing to draw his sword.