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GMT Savage Worlds - Hellfrost Thursday Eves thru August


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Looking for players for Thursday Eves UK time from 9pm till 12.00/1.00am. This will run throughout August while I am on holiday in addition to my usual weekend slots. What am I looking for; 4 players; There will be adult language used and possible adult themes (not sex, go somewhere else for that) so I expect players to be mature and preferably over 18, although 16 is the minimum i will not tolerate the moody teenager thing,  You will be a newbie with brains or experienced. You do not need to know the system or setting (but obviously that would be nice) You will not be a rules lawyer, you will work with me not against me or its the road for you jack. You will Role Play not Roll Play. Male/Female or somewhere in between. Communication; Via skype for voice, video in game if you want it. I expect all my players to be on skype pretty regularly for updates etc. Reliability; We all have real lives, if you can't make it i expect to be informed so a possible stand in can be sought (I am part of a very reliable group of UK players). The Setting; Hellfrost setting (look it up). Using various bits from various books. Fantasy setting, a bit like a cross between Runequest and Game of Thrones. All the usual races and some pretty cool ones. I will be running through a few of the published materials. Characters; Character generation I like to do as a group before the main event. It will be a party of generally glory seeking characters, twisted is fine, homicidal maniac is not. That's about it.
Not in my time zone, but thanks for making me aware of this games existence. This... looks... awesome! 
NP Ken... Bumpity bump!
I have 2 players so far, surely there's some gmt availability folks who are open to other things besides 5e and PF lol
I would like to join. i don't have any Experience with the System or setting but i do have experience with roleplaying games such as PF and NWod
I would be down to join if you still have room?

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What timezone are you guys in? This will be about 9pm UK time. You all good for that, plus joining a skype group to discuss stuff in the lead up to it, such as character gen.