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GM Tag - loss of powers since site update

I'm not sure if this was an oversight, a partial update later to be improved on... but with the update, my GM's have lost the ability to kick players from the game. As prior to the update they could. Obviously I'm fine with them not having the ability to promote other GM's or demote. But this means for games where I'm either holding house; games I help GM or just for those I trust with a kick button. Can't anymore. I was curious if we were going to get an update so we can [ tickbox ] powers to GM's at some point... because it seems an oversight to remove a useful thing for GM's and problem players.
Pat S.
Forum Champion
Sheet Author
Hello Gary. Are you saying that your GM's can not remove players from the campaign itself (details page, hover over player's avatar and select remove)? If not please have them post a bug report about it. You should still have the ability to promote campaign members to co-GM status by hovering over their avatars and selecting promote. If not please post a bug report about it.; There has been no feature to allow co-GM's nor creator of campaign to kick players out of the game room itself. I believe there is a suggestion made in the suggestion forums to give GM's that ability.
Hello, this is the GM [or one of them] in question. When hovering over any person name I have no drop down box, nor do I have any ability to do anything to the players.  The times prior till now, I could remove players from the campaign as a whole, I could not kick the out of the game room once it was started though.  IE: If we were playing a game and say one of the players stepped Widely out of Bounds I couldn't kick them out of the game room as you call it, but I could go to the main page of the game and kick them from the game as a whole.  Now however I have no options for anything.
Pat S.
Forum Champion
Sheet Author
Ok, thank you Grogimus. I'm shifting this thread to the bug forum.
Riley D.
Roll20 Team
Must have been an oversight with the new design, we'll get that fixed.
Steve K.
Roll20 Production Team
Sheet Author
API Scripter
Compendium Curator
This fix will go out with our next hotfix.