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GM LF ~3 players for custom Pathfinder setting Wednesdays 2-5pm EST

The battlefield is a graveyard for the neglected dead, their torn and twisted bodies laying frozen in their last moments as the shifting sands slowly cover them. This place, once a scene of unfettered carnage and desperate valor, will be consumed by the land as countless others before it. Nothing will remain but the sand, the wind, and the cry of the laughing dog. I'm looking for three additional players for my custom Pathfinder setting. It will be gritty, with survival-horror and dark mystery themes mixed into the standard exploration and combat focus of the game. All lore will be original and written by myself, scattered throughout a sandbox-style setting that allows the players to do as they see fit. My goal is to create a game that not only features the wargaming skirmish aspect of the system, but is also fun to explore and provides numerous incentives and rewards for players that build their characters in a logical roleplay fashion.&nbsp; I love the PF game system, but have grown a bit frustrated with its tendency to herd players towards feat and skill templates that we've all seen and done before. I'm also a bigger fan of Game of Thrones style low fantasy over Wuxia high fantasy. As such, I've (very sparingly) added a few custom rules to the game to encourage (but not force) players to branch out into other feats they might otherwise dismiss or pick up skills that so often get neglected. The flavor of the world itself is also low magic, though I by no means discourage players who enjoy arcane classes to give the game a try. Here are the highlights: 1) Eternal 6 rules, as detailed here (with forthcoming modifications for PF): <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> I intend for these rules to keep the game challenging, realistic, and dangerous without a power-treadmill or earth-shattering death lasers (and hopefully fun as a result). 2) Low magic setting. &nbsp; &gt;All magic items are rare and nearly impossible to find. When found, they cost 10x as much (and sell for 10x as much). This includes potions and some material components, making the heal skill very important. &gt;Wizards can only learn spells by finding lost spell knowledge or though very arduous and time-consuming study and experimentation (no free spells upon leveling).&nbsp; &gt;Divine casters have a chance to fail their prayers and lose some of their spells/day (there is a lore reason for this). &gt;Spontaneous casters like sorcerers can acquire disease-like conditions and effects if they cast too rapidly. Again, there is a lore reason to potentially be discovered. &gt;Using magic draws attention, both good and bad. If you do play a caster, you will be a god among men - but also perhaps a target. 3) Linguistics. Linguistics will work more like Lore: X, where you drop skill points into a chosen language to level it. Communicating with others through a non-native language requires a linguistics check (aid another permitted) with DC set by the topic of conversation. Taking 10 always permitted. 4) XP XP is awarded for completing challenges, finding objects, defeating enemies, exploring, or any number of things. The goal is not to force the party to 'kill' a target, but to defeat a challenge. Combat may be the best solution some times, other times diplomacy, stealth, or a number of other avenues will be available to complete the challenge and earn the XP. At stages during the campaign, I will provide the players with opportunities to receive bonus traits, feats, or skill points if they level their characters in a way that synergizes with their behavior up to that point. For example, if the party spends a great deal of time hunting in the wilderness, I might allow them to take the 'desert nomad' trait for free if they spend at least one skill point on the 'survival' skill that level. This is intended to help players who choose more interesting, but less efficient skills and feats than the usual weapon focus &gt; power attack, perception stacking. It also encourages role playing true to a unique character concept. 5) Skills in general Skills will be very important for helping the party find alternate means of escape / victory than the standard "pointy end into the other guy" solution. The low magic world also means that casters are very valuable, but also limited in the number of roles they can perform for the party. I want to make all skills, including things like heal, oratory, disguise, and appraise, useful to the group. Interested players post here with your Skype contact info so that I can interview you.
Oh, that sounds really interesting, I like E6
Interested! My skype is kookaburrabies.
Still have openings for 1-2 players.
Definitely interested, your campaign seems like it would be just the kind of game I'd like, and the time/day is ideal for me.&nbsp; I have about 30 years experience with D&amp;D/Pathfinder and would be starting as a human dual-wielding barbarian (may be multiclassing, and also focusing on stealth in particular).&nbsp; Also, E6 looks VERY interesting, this is the first time I've seen it but I already want to try it.&nbsp; Really hoping to get into this game, my skype is tim.sayers68.
This sounds very interesting, sign me up. My skype username: ShouldveBeenASpaceCowboy . Call/write me anytime.
I'll be interviewing applicants in the order they posted, please be patient.
-=edit=- just remembered i work till 3:30 that day. sorry :(