I'm looking to play Friday evenings at aprox 04:00PM Westcoast time [USA] onwards to aprox 06:00 any later and I'd be unable to attend for more than 5 hours. I'm a night owl by UK standards and have experience GM'ing World of Darkness games and DnD 4th edition, along with some other games. My purpose of this thread is to potentially find a GM who's shy of the tool but still frequents the forums for 'stragglers'. The games I'd like to play; - World of Darkness (Classic) - Pathfinder/DnD 3.5 - DnD 4th - Dragon Age RPG ( I have only played the 1st and 2nd PC games and find the paperback interesting too, would love to try it) - Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (1st or 2nd edition, preffered 2nd). My preffered communication method is Skype or Roll20 itself, voice over text. If you're interested in me, feel free to drop a message here and I'll PM back.