I am currently looking for 4-5 players for a weekly  game of Monte Cook Games' The Strange . It will be a long-running campaign and feature some mature themes and situations. I would prefer players that are 18+ and consistently show up for games at the designated time. The Extraordinary League Players will have a unique opportunity to play characters that they might not be able to play in other games. Each player will work 1-on-1 with the GM to craft a character they will enjoy and that will fit with the overall arching theme of the campaign. Players with a strong tie to roleplaying, storytelling and creativity will work best.  If you are interested in being a player in this campaign, please Private Message me with the following information: 1. Are you 18+? 2. Can you play consistently on Sunday evenings Central Standard Time? 3. If you could play any literary character who would it be? 4. What is your familiarity with MCG's The Strange, Numenera, or the Cypher System? 5. Describe your roleplay method. 6. Do you play well with others? (i.e. can you focus on the game and not get sidetracked into antagonizing your fellow players?) To give you some background on myself, I am a 31 year veteran of RPGs from Basic D&D up to present. I am a 26 year DM/GM/Storyteller in nearly every flavor of D&D, Pathfinder, White Wolf/Onyx Path games, and more. I have been a Roll20 supporter for the last two years and have successfully ran and played 322 hours worth of games.