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Warhammer RPG, LFP

Hi, I am going to GM the geniously named game 'Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay'. It is a roleplaying game in the Warhammer Fantasy fictional universe, and as you might have guessed, you control just your own character rather than an entire army, much like many other RPG's out there. If you are not familiar with Warhammer, it is somewhat like a standard magic and monsters type fantasy world, except it is very dark and brutal, wars are constant, alliances are few and fragile and a mans worth is determined by how much blood he has left to spill. Add in some bits of dark humour and you have Warhammer. In a way, it is as deadly and unforgiving as the earlier versions of D&D, but you don't have to worry about this being a character grind. Warhammer is a game where blood is often seen outside of peoples bodies, and it's not too unusual that an ogre tribe comes rolling down from the hill to destroy a village and eat it's inhabitants. However, like my other games, I will incorporate an original story, and will reward good roleplaying. This will not be a brutal bloodfest with 90% combat, altough since it IS Warhammer, there will be many opportunities for your crazed slayers and witch hunters to whetten their weapons with the blood of greenskins. There is no set day for which the game will take place, but the time of day for it to start will be anytime between 10am and 6pm on weekends, and 3pm and 6pm on weekdays. The game length will vary wildly depending on the players avaliability and wishes, but let's say 4 hours, give or take a few hours. This will be WFRP 2nd edition that we're playing, and you make characters by rolling for your careers on a big d1000 table. If you don't know what this means, or have never played Warhammer RPG before, don't worry about it. It's just a type of random character creation. Each player will get to roll 3 times and choose any career that they wish from those 3 results. However, if there is something in particular that you want from your character, like a mage, a special allowance can be given if you don't manage to get that result. So, post here if you're interested and/or have any questions
Edit: The times I wrote down are all in GMT, Greenwich Mean Time. Should have written that to begin with.

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Timezone, please?  If it is European, I am very much interested. Edit: I'm slow... As the times are suitable count me interested

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I'm very interested and would love a good warhammer game. 
than you both for shown interest, I will gladly have both of you in my game. I also forgot to mention, but the very first game will be a one-shot, before I start with my real campaign. The purpose of the one-shot is to see if the players works well with eachother and that we have a good, mostly problem-free group. It would be much better to play with a group that's established to work, rather than to either keep playing with a group that doesn't work well together, or switch players out mid-game.
Cool, I'll be waiting for invitation to the one-shot and we discuss the actual date and time.
One MORE thing I forgot to mention, and I hope it won't be a problem for people, is that we're going to use skype and voice chat when roleplaying. I will be sending some messages to the interested players later today
Sounds good super excited!
im also interested in playing so if you still need players send me a message

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I might be interested depending on the time since I'm already heavily involved in a Age of Rebellion campaign (that's taking a break right now). However my time to play is highly dependent on what time you eventually decide on.  Warhammer Fantasy 2nd edition is one of my all time favorite rpgs. I recently ran a campaign set in Talabheim and my players had a lot of fun trying to survive the Skaven. One poor fellow kept failing all of his wp checks and started reaching dangerous levels of insanity points.   So needless to say I'm very familiar with the ruleset and would hopefully like to play.  
Jeffrey S, and anyone else who would like to join the game, I hope that I can include you in the game, but as it looks now, it might be full. I will get back to you if a slot opens up. Thanks alot for shown interest
Sheet Author
I'm sad to see that this has been filled. It looks like it's hard to find Warhammer Fantasy games on Roll20. I might have been interested in this. I guess I'll keep looking.
Yeah, sorry