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Add text based command for adding custom turn items to the turn order

We have the "&{tracker:=}" command to add tokens with their rolled initiatives to the tracker, but there is currently no text command to add custom items to the turn order for things like short term buffs. You have to go in and manually add it via the options of the turn order box. I'd love to have a macro like [[@{Caster_Level}&{tracker_name|Haste:-1} that could be used to add a custom item named Haste to the round tracker and display the number of remaining rounds the buff would be up. Like I said, you can currently do this manually, but as both a GM and a player, I'd much prefer to be able to just throw it in my wizards macro so that I don't have to keep pestering my GM to add it when I am playing, and when I am GMing I'd love to have my players stop pestering me to add their buffs. We could even have it so that it added them as sub sections under the player who cast the macro so that the buffs were tied to the token who cast them so they were decreasing at the correct time.
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