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Willing to run a one shot for newbies to Pathfinder Society


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Lemme know if you are interested. I am in Vancouver time zone and would like to play morning or noon on weekends or late during the week. the first two optinos should be good for evening people in europe and the latter for evening people in western north america. we will figure out the details later. 
I would love to join if your still doing this. I am est time I can get up early or afternoon does not matter to me.
ill join
So details:&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> This is to be my first attempt at organizing a legitimate PFS Event. I will run We Be Goblins, a module with pregens. All participants would have to have PFS Numbers. If you don't have one I think you can get it here:&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>... At the end I'd be giving you a chronicle sheet that you could apply to other (non-pregen) characters that you run in other PFS events. That way you don't start at the very beginning but at level 1 with a tiny bit of XP and some gold/gear under your belt. Low level society play can be quite lethal so this should increase survival chances. A difference to normal play (and why this is a bit challenging to me) is that there's supposed to be as little as possible GM-subjective things happening, to ensure fairness etc.&nbsp; It will be a 4-5 hour slot that we'd be doing this. So the above: still interested? And anyone else interested just reply here :)
Hi, I'd be really interested in this, particularly if you go for the Euro-friendly time (based in the UK).
I've never played, but I'd love to have the chance to dip my tie in the water. I live in the Lower !ainland, funnily enough. Because I live in the same time zone as you, there should be no schedule conflict problems.
Yeah I'm definitely still interested. Just a few question is this suppose to carry over to other games? Whats the difference between pathfinder and pfs? Sorrry if those seem like basic questions
Pathfinder Society is what's called a living campaign.&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> It means you can carry over your character into any other PFS campaign (that is for the right "tier", so for which your character level is appropriate). This is the major plus. It means people can come and play or not as they please, and you get to play with various characters from various people as time goes on. It's also trying to be very fair, with the down side being that things that might add to the story (like random weather or such) can't be added to a module if they have mechanical effects, because that would be an unfair disadvantage. The GM can't fudge rolls to make sure the story continues, can't change the encounter if he thinks it's too hard, or too easy. The players can't freely choose anything, they are limited by what is "PFS legal" - as in allowed for play.&nbsp; Everyone who wants to join this should hop over to&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> and start reading a bit.&nbsp; Download this product:&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> (It's free) and it explains more of the setting details of PFS. Pathfinder Society is ingame an Organisation who's members are adventeurers. It sends them on missions. You don't usually get to keep any of the things you find, instead you have to bring them back to the organization and buy them back with the money you get paid to do the missions. By GMing in PFS you gain GM credits, which can also be applied to your character, as though the character had completed a module himself, and there's a few other ingame incentives to GM, so I wanted to give it a shot. I've run the module a few times as normal one-shots (and as a campaign starter once) but not with PFS. Things you'll need to play: a pathfinder society number. internet connection. 4-5 h time. willingness to play Goblins, evil little buggers. That's about it. Pathfinder rules knowledge is an asset, but we'll teach you if need be. Characters are pregenerated, so that won't eat up any time.&nbsp; Since all PCs in this adventure are pregenerated characters, no conditions (including death) carry beyond the end of a module to the real PCs to whom the module’s Chronicle sheet is applied. Likewise, any wealth spent or resources expended during the course of the adventure are considered unspent upon the module’s completion. University semester is starting soon, so I'm still a bit busy getting that set up. - I'll put up one of those time slot voting thingies once I know when I'm free, sound good? Expect to be able to run this sometime within the month of September 2015, sound good? Julian
Yup, all sounds good. &nbsp; Just got my PFS number:&nbsp;192515 Keep me posted! K

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Oh yeah, do you want to call dibs&nbsp;or have a random distribution of characters at the start of the event? -- by the way there's 4 characters total&nbsp;(Fighter, Rogue, Cleric, Alchemist), but I'm willing to run this more than once if say 8 people end up being interested in it. I guess first 4 people to post their PFS number get in for the first game, assuming scheduling works.
I'd love to grab the Alchemist if possible :)
I would love to try this out! I've messed around with Pathfinder a bit (never actually played it, but I read some rules and created some characters for fun), so I'll probably need a bit of patience.&nbsp; My PFS number is&nbsp;192535 and I will be willing to play any class given to me, honestly I have no preference between ranged/melee or tanks/healers.
Thanks for being flexible, Colin. :) - so 2 there 2 more needed.
bump, anyone else looking to try out PFS?
I could give it a craic, sure, do we have any kind of set timings yet?

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Pathfinder number is 193265

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We didn't have enough players to run it. I figured I'd find the players first, then see what date is compatible between all. - How's this weekend looking? 10 am my time (vancouver) would be 7 pm in Germany, and something somewhere in between if you live between here and there.&nbsp;
This weekend should be fine for me - barring any major dramas, lol!
This weekend will be a bit iffy for me. Sunday would probably be the only day this weekend I could do it, maybe.
Okay, lemme know about Sunday, Colin. -- &nbsp;With you two we'd need two more. Maybe Kaveh can make it, and either one of the above posters that hasn't yet posts their PFS ID or someone who hasn't could jump on board. :)
Okies then!&nbsp; Just to clarify though, this is going to be a one-shot, yes? Or are there plans for a longer campaign to follow?
Oh so early, I too am a west coaster. (PST!) I have a patihfinder society ID, but have never played a game. There may be some Sundays that I can swing playing that early, but I don't expect it to be often. If I can make it that day, I would love to join. If you're ever running an evening pathfinder game, society or not, let me know. ^^

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I'm not sure if we even have any europeans for the game. The earliest I can do is 10 AM Vancouver time, the latest I can finish is about midnight. minus five hours means latest starting time is 7 pm. let me know what time frame would work. Yes it is a one shot, you can however use the credit that you earn for other Pathfinder Society games. Lets figure out when this would work the best tomorrow, so I know whether or not to plan prepping into my week's shedule. :) Let me know who's up for *this* Sunday between when and when you can *start* the session. If we need to plan a break into it that's fine too, say food or such.&nbsp;
Yeah, I'm game for this Sunday, and am one of those Europeans, lol!
Ok, so you'd prefer if we start relatively early at this end I'm guessing, so that you can get to bed around midnight rather than way late, right? - what's the latest that's okay for you?
Latest, I'd say around midnight GMT
I'm pretty sure Sunday will be good for me but I'll have a specific open time slot. I won't be able to play past 6 pm my time, which is 4 pm PST (Vancouver) Time. Leaving 4-5 hours for game, the best starting time for me would be 11-12 Vancouver time.
11 am van time is 6 pm GMT + 5 h = 11 pm, which is before midnight... so yeah! Sounds good. 11 am Sunday.&nbsp; We do need two other people to commit though...
Perhaps if a game listing were created? That might capture a few people browsing through games XD

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Kaveh and&nbsp; Spazztick posted here, so I kinda wanna respect dibs of sort... but yes, I'll send them PMs. And I did open a&nbsp; listing . :)
I'm sorry, but after reevaluating my schedule this weekend just wont work for me. If you do have any other one shots anytime soon, though, message me!

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OK, I talked Kaveh as well, who can't make it. This week's game is cancelled. We'll find a slot sometime. - Also the society game that I'd apply the gm credit to got scheduled for the same slot. I was gonna run it anyway, but I guess it's better if we find a different game date, certainly with so many people not being able to make it. let me know what saturday 11 am my time the week after looks like.&nbsp;
I would like to join this. Don't matter which character I get to play. I have never played pathfinder before but I have played dnd for years so it shouldn't cause me too much trouble. My PFS is 193639. I live in europe so weekends would suit me best. I can play tomorrow if enough should show up. I don't mind if the time is later then what it is currently set to as I tend to stay up half the night anyway :)
Hey Mortem, thanks for joining in :) - I ended up committing to the other session for tomorrow, so either way we'll have this some other time.