BACKSTAB Every thief needs one of these. This macro and roll table is for backstab. &{template:default}{{name=@{weaponname} BACKSTAB}}{{HITS AC=[[@{ThAC0} -((1d20+?{BACKSTAB ATTACK ROLL MODIFIER|4})+(@{attackadj})+(@{strengthhit}))))]]}}{{NORMAL DAMAGE=S/M[[((@{damsm}) *@{backstabmultiplier})+(@{damadj})+(@{strengthdmg}))]]L[[((@{daml})*@{backstabmultiplier})+(@{damadj})+(@{strengthdmg}))]]}}{{CRIT DAMAGE=S/M[[(((@{damsm}*@{backstabmultiplier})+(@{damsm})))+(@{damadj})+(@{strengthdmg}))]]L[[(((@{daml}*@{backstabmultiplier})+(@{daml})))+(@{damadj})+(@{strengthdmg}))]]}} This macro assumes your backstab weapon is a melee weapon and that it is in the first line of the weapon table on your character sheet.  This macro also assumes you have no temporary magical pluses to damage, and that your DM uses the standard 2e critical damage rules.  Be sure to update your backsab modifier field on your rogue skill table when you gain levels.  The roll query is so you can add or subtract attack roll adjustments for buffs or debuffs.  The default adjusment is +4 to hit because backstabs give that bonus by default.  Feel free to PM me if you have questions or comments.  Have a stabby day.  :D