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[World of Darkness] Player looking for Group

So, I live in Sweden (GMT+1) and I'm free most days from 15:00 (3PM) except for Wednesday and Thursdays. It's been a few years since I got to be a player (GM for a mage campaign, a campaign of... well it started out as mortals and a Mutant Undergångens Arvtagare). I'd really love to play some world of darkness myself, particularly VtR but any of the games would interest me really. Thanks for reading :)
24 hour Bump!
I would like to be a player in a WoD but not the dm : )
Five day bump I guess? World of Darkness isn't very big on here? :)
Seems anything other than D&D and Pathfinder aren't big on here. Oh well.
Too bad though, this place is pretty well adapted for most other games. (and getting to play WoD for once, instead of just GM, would be very nice indeed)
Yeah, it kinda sucks.  Especially for someone like me that is just trying to get into PnP games and I'm more interested in something like WoD/Vampires or Shadowrun.
I am at a VtR game. If you'd like, I can ask the gm if you can join.
Yes please, that would be very appreciated. What are the times for the game?
Time is 8:30pm EDT (UTC-4) Wednesdays.
Ugh, sadly that's right before I go to work (half an hour to be exact) so not a time at which I could play in any case.
I understand. That's all I can do right now, sorry. You should check the "Looking for Group" function. I remember another VtR game looking for players.
Alright. Two day bump, again. Still hoping :)
You have a private message :)