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Unselectable token off the edge of the map.

I copied & pasted a group of tokens (player tokens) from 1 page to another in my campaign.  Inadvertently, 1 of these ended up off the top of the map area when I pasted it. I can't see it, but I know it's there, because when I use other macros that select a token by name, they go to this one, rather than the 'real' one that the player is using.  In particular I have a script that centers the map on the token I tell it to, and it always goes to the off-map one. Any ideas on how to get rid of this one?  I can't select it with an area and delete it.   If I increase the size of the map, it's added to the bottom of the page not the top.  I don't relish the idea of creating a new map to fix the problem.  It's a large map with caverns, and creating the dynamic lighting layer took a very long time.
Forum Champion
On the token layer, try selecting all tokens with ctrl-a and then moving them [down] using the arrow keys (with grid enabled). Once the inaccessible token is in view, drag it closer to the other tokens, select all tokens once again, and reverse your previous movements using the arrow keys.
Thank you!  That did it.  I was not aware of the ctrl-a shortcut within Roll20.  Heh.  It's in so many other programs though, I probably should have thought of it.  My public shame for the day, I guess.
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You're welcome. There are lots of useful shortcuts, with the documentation for some being more readily accessible than for others .