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[ LFG ] Friday/Saturday games 8-10EST

I'm looking for games from around Midnight UK time onwards, listed the American time to make it easier for GM's to translate. Games I'm interested in - World of Darkness (Classic) is my first pick. I favour shifter games over Vampire. I'm also interested in learning Demon or Changeling. I've also been trying to find myself a Kinfolk game for the longest time - Niche amongst a Niche, I know. Hunter, as well... thinking about it. - Dungeons and Dragons 4th edition . Not as many people like this, but I do. - Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 / Pathfinder . I've played some, but the system still throws me off... I've enjoyed some games but I've much to learn. - Dragon Age RPG - I love Origins and I can see the Paper based game is more like the Origins game than the 2nd/3rd versions of the game... would love to learn this system as a paper based game. I use Skype as my primary form of communication and the Internal Roll20 if needs must, I can do PDF character sheets for WoD and Mythweavers for 3.5/Pathfinder if needs must. Although I'd rather go through any generation proccesses with the GM should one contact me. Please leave a Reply in the thread, or PM direct to get hold of me and I'll pass on the info you need in order to add me on Skype. If you already know me on Skype feel free to drop me a message and we'll go from there. No games starting later than 03:00UK time please , it's simply too late for me... and any games starting at 23:00 my time I will be late due to work. Thank you for reading.
Would like to not only bump, but update that I've found myself a Friday game. Still looking for a Saturday game.