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[World of Darkness] LFP - A City is born!

Alright, so I decided to create a city for world of darkness in a less than traditional way. I intend to run the city as a game over twenty years time (20 RL weeks) and let players decide on the direction the city takes, where different factions end up, The method of play would be simple. The game will be played by deciding on actions and notifying the GM, RPing directly with other players and later on mailing the results (no logs required) to me and a whatever else might become relevant. Each week IRL counts as one year in the game and at the start of each week a post will be made in the campaign forum summarizing all the news and rumors. Some players will, of course, get other news and/or rumors PMed to them, depending on their sources. So, the big question is, would anyone be interested in partaking in a project like this?
It sounds like its too generic,although i might be wrong. I would like to give it a try sure,and you can show me the ropes on how you imagined evertything in the campaign. Ive got some exp from WoD and alot from DnD 3.5 I am on GMT+1,Serbia. If you are in europe we can play,otherwise its too much of a time difference : )
I would be interested in playing. A question thow would be in the differnt factions or are we mortals?
You can play as any venue you would like. If there's a splat for it you can join it. Custom things could even be made up, as required. This is meant to create a city, with factions and groups in different spots, characters doing different things. It's a sort of RP experiment focused on creating the background for a more traditional plotline.
Ahh kinda like the more freeform VtM irc games?
Possible, yes. In theory you could play a mortal thaumatuge that never gets in contact with the other supes throughout the entire game, or a blood bather Immortal who commits his/her crimes only to have to elicit help from an outcast garou of all things.
Ahh sounds very fun, if you have space i would very much like to play.
Sounds like a fascinating experiment; I'd like to join. Are you using nWoD or oWoD? I'm fine with either I just need to know so I can refresh my self on the appropriate system.