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Line of sight from corners [ Dynamic Lighting ]


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In a couple RPG settings (such as Pathfinder), line of sight is defined as coming from the corners of the character's square while every map program I've used draws line of sight from the center of the square. This comes up any time a player wants to peak around a corner and has to either move their token into an adjacent square or position themselves straddling the line. While not the biggest deal, it'd be a nice quality of life feature if it was calculated from all four corners or at the very least was an option. Edit Diagrams included to showcase actual vs. current behavior where P is the player and E are enemies where terribly drawn lines in MS Paint indicate line of sight.

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Good explanation, the diagram is understandable. If you don't mind, I will tag your thread title with Dynamic Lighting so that it comes up in Suggestions searches for this general area of Roll20. Here are some related threads. Please check them out and vote +1 if you agree. Some may be slightly different requests, so it's up to you whether they are matching enough to merge, or to move your Comments and Diagram to another for combined voting power if it is the same idea. Shadow Feathering in Dynamic Lighting <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>... Special Dynamic Lighting Layer Objects <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>... Dynamic Lighting Flow Around Walls <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>...
Reading through these are reevaluating how the lighting system works, Essentially you could do this right now if you had each player control 4 light objects that they kept at the edges of their own squares. We actually ran a game where someone had a light spell as well as a bullseye lantern effect and the GM gave them a flashlight with a light cone. The suggestion is different enough that I don't see the immediate need to merge them. Seeing as someone complained that too many light sources makes their computer chug, I also see this remaining optional if it worked this way.
Pathfinder is one of the systems where sight is calculated from the corner of your choice so this would be helpful for any Pathfinder games using the line of sight system.
Having a toggle for this would be a huge boon! I absolutely love the lighting system, but this is definitely one aspect where you run into complications.
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