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Sound API always reports playing?


Edited 1443570121
Sheet Author
API Scripter
Maybe Im doing it wrong and missing what I got..but it seems to always report 'playing' even if its not. Playlist says: Now Playing Nothing, currently. But with this it always returns 'true' and 'playing' PlaySound('Roll 20 Crit Hit', 9000); function PlaySound(trackname, time) {     var track = findObjs({type: 'jukeboxtrack', title: trackname})[0];     log(track);     if(track && track.get('playing') === true) {         log('Already playing');         track.set('playing', false);     } else if(track) {         log("playing");         track.set('playing', true);         setTimeout(function() {track.set('playing', false);}, time);     } else {         log('ERROR');     } } This is the debug return: {"_type":"jukeboxtrack","_id":"-K-0B6l3ZTdJWd4o7LCV","playing":true,"softstop":true,"title":"Roll 20 Crit Hit","loop":false,"volume":100} "Already playing" Any ideas? I cannot get sounds to play at all. it seemed to be working over the weekend, but now nothing.
The Aaron
API Scripter
Hmm.. I haven't had a chance to play with it yet, but my debugging seems to indicate the state is correctly reflected when specified through the UI.  Possibly there is an issue with the API though.  If you start/stop the track via the UI, does the script then log playing instead?