Sorry if this isn't the right place to put this, but it isn't a bug  per se... In Hackmaster (the new edition) penetrating dice are used, where they explode on maximum number, and the exploding re-rolls are worth what's rolled -1. I see from earlier posts that originally that -1 wasn't getting applied correctly but my own testing with say /r d4!p showed that to be working fine, so I'm glad that got fixed! However, the big issue is that there are two types of rolls in the game that get rerolled with modified dice. Namely a d20 penetrates into d6s, and a d100 penetrates into d20s. This basically stops a d20 roll penetrating into a crazy high number as it would if it was adding more d20 rolls to it. In all honesty, the d100 isn't as big of an issue since it doesn't really come up as often and can be done manually simply enough. The d20!p however comes up every single time a character makes an attack or defence roll so it's fairly important. Is this something that may get addressed in a future update, or is modifying dice to penetrate into different dice not realistic with the coding behind d20? Either way, I was one of the backers from Tabletop Forge that got brought over to Roll20 when that died and have been quite happy with what you guys have done with the virtual tabletop! Game On.