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[LFP] - EU - GMT+1 - Multiple Systems: Let's tell some great stories!


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Hey folks, UPDATE: Looking for 2 more. Time and Schedule I'm looking for a few mature, dedicated folks willing to play in the evening near the GMT+1 timezone. Those from other timezones are welcome if you don't mind playing in the early morning on evening. Sunday afternoons or weekdays starting at 5pm are my preferred time slot. I'd like to run weekly or bi-weekly. As for session length, I find that 4 hours with a 10-15 minute break at the 2 hour mark works really well. Anything longer tends to fall apart or cause to much stress for the GM. Two and a half hours is about the minimum though. Game / System Game wise I'm open to suggestions, but I definitely have some opinions. Read on. I'm looking for medium-lite games that are more about the GM and players working together to tell a story, rather than wandering into caves and murdering monsters. That means systems with not tons of crunch nor mindless dungeon crawling. For those reasons I'm saying no to D&D and Pathfinder right away. Games I'll GM I have limited GMing experience* but I feel comfortable offering to GM these games: Call of Cthulhu Trail of Cthulhu Firefly RPG (the new Cortex + edition) Mistborn Adventure Game * limited meaning I've ran ~10 sessions from published scenarios, and only a few original adventures Games I'd like to play Games I am particularly keen to try out are: FATE (Dresden Files anyone?) Delta Green (ok, it's CoC.. but still) Night's Black Agents Star Wars Edge of the Empire (FFG edition) Savage Worlds Deadlands (classic or reloaded) Paranoia Aces & Eights Indie games (Lady Blackbird, etc) Where and How? I love Roll 20, even for Mind's Eye Theater type games without maps. If I GM a game I'll probably insist on using Roll 20 as the tabletop. But if you GM you can make that call. Since this is the Roll20 LFG board, I'm guessing we already agree on that :) Hangouts or Skype for voice communication is a requirement, and please use a headset with a decent microphone. There's nothing more distracting than background noise. Camera optional. Google Drive/Docs is pretty standard for me for sharing game related files, but I've also been known to whip up an Obsidian Portal or Mediawiki site depending on the situation. Interested? Cool! Send me a PM with the following details: Your name What country you'll be playing from Your email address Skype vs Hangouts preference A few coherent sentences about your gaming experience, what games you want to play, which ones you can GM, etc. If that sounds onerous to you, we probably won't be a good match. If not, awesome send me a PM [1] !
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We've got a good group lines up, but could use two more people! Looks like we're gonna play a CoC or Delta Green game to get acquainted, shoot me a PM if interested.
Well, I'm definitely interested, but I'd like to know just how big is the group you're forming right now. Big crowds can tend to a bit messy, and scare me away!

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What languages do you run/play your games in?
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