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Scripts not as "Persistent"

Lately (over the last 3-4 weeks) it seems like the API Scripts stop more often and I have to resave them to get them going again. Has there been any recent changes?
I'm in the same boat, but its a little thing to me.
Sheet Author
Same with me also, I go back to API settings and re-save  script. Go back into game and they are working again.
Is this on the dev or regular server?

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On the dev for me
On the regular server for me.
The scrips seem to always stop when I exit my campaign. Which is a shame, because one feature I love about roll20 is I don't have to have my computer on for players to go to the campaign and work on their characters. Anyone have any idea what it might be or having the same issues?
There needs to be a way for players to re-start the api when they are logged in to the campaign and we shouldn't have to go through that craptastic suggestions forum to get it implemented. This is a quality of life need, not a want.