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3D dice do not go away until next roll


Edited 1444505315
On my nexus 7 the 3D dice do not go away until I roll again, anyone else have this issue? Any idea how to remedy this? Without disabling 3d dice obviously.
Gen Kitty
Forum Champion
Standard behavior for 3d dice is they stay on the table until you interact with them in some way.  Just to doublecheck, what happens if you  interact with the dice after rolling them? Will the dice go away at that point, or does it require a new roll?
As far as I can tell I cannot interact with them. I have tried (on the Nexus 7) taping them, tap & hold, etc, am I missing something? Tonight I will try it on my other tablet. Thanks, Evan
Actually, on my Samsung note 12 inch, I seem to get no dice at all (with 3d dice checked).
I downgraded my nexus 7 to 4.4 (for unrelated performance reasons) and the dice no longer show up at all, same as my samsung. 3d dice aren't super important so I'm not worrying about it, just thought I would post my observations in case it's useful to a dev.