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Monday Pathfinder: Roleplay-focused, story-driven AP gaming.

It's been a long time since my schedule allowed me to do much other than my regular, long-running weekly gaming group. But that's changed recently, so I'd like to see if I can get some kind of game together on one of my days off, to scratch that itch. As an introduction, I am a Pathfinder DM with a little over 2 years of Roll20 experience under my belt, and a fondness for Paizo Adventure Paths and modules. I'm not much of a homebrew guy, as it's just not where my interest lies. I enjoy running games that strip away all the usual hack-and-slash and frantic pacing, in favor of campaigns that are free to take their time, to explore character arcs and let narratives develop. My games have been known to go quite a few sessions in a row with no combat at all. Immersion in the setting and investment in the campaign plot is the name of the game. I bring some special "house rules" to the table that I've developed over time, designed to increase player immersion and allow players to focus on their character as a part of the world rather than as a statblock to increase. I'll go over these in-depth one-on-one, but suffice to say that if being told how much XP you get after a fight, or knowing what you rolled on a Perception check is something important to you, you probably would not enjoy my games. All of that out of the way, here's some details: WHAT: I'm still deciding what I actually want to run. My short-list currently is Burnt Offerings+Jade Regent or Age of Worms, but this is not set in stone. WHEN: As I mentioned, Mondays. Specifically, evenings EST. Sorry, work schedule means I can't be flexible on the day. Also, I've had one too many people in non-US timezones insist that they can make it, despite the time difference, and it hasn't worked. So, sorry Europe and Australia. I'm in no rush to get started, I'd rather take the time and feel out a solid group than dive right into a game ASAP. HOW: Skype voice and Roll20. No text, sorry. HOW TO APPLY: I'm looking to put together a group that can get along well and is interested in the type of game I run. Those who wish to apply should send me a PM discussing basic information including your gaming experience, what specifically interests you about this potential campaign, and what you are looking for in a campaign. Also, any specifics that would make or break your experience in a game. As a heads up, I generally prioritize the messages that make an effort to communicate, rather than just a single line. BONUS: I haven't ever really done it in the past, but I am also somewhat interested in possibly taking on an aspiring DM who wants to learn how to run a campaign/get hands-on experience without having to handle the job themselves, as a Co-DM/apprentice. I like passing on any skills I may have picked up to newer players learning the craft, but don't have the time to host a course on the subject, but I may be able to help one person. And a second set of hands is always a good thing. Anyway, thanks for reading, and I hope to hear from some people.
Bumping just because this sank pretty fast. I'll try and get responses to people who sent me messages tonight.
Still taking applications, if anyone is interested. Thanks to those who have contacted me so far.
I wish I could, but unfortunately I work from 2:30p-10:30p central time every day, minus holidays and weekends :/.
I appreciate all the interest I've received, and hopefully I'll putting together a tentative group by this weekend, once I get around to addressing the last few applications.
F***!!! Wish i was in the US right now!!! That's where all the awesome games happen! Just my darn luck v.v Have this crazy character idea up my sleeve which will haft to still sit back and wait for when a game pops up. Grrrrr! I'm from Denmark, GMT+1 -- By the time i can play, you'll be asleep.