For those that don't already know  Jason P.'s Importer : you're welcome. It's an awesome tool that lets you import stat blocks by pasting them into the token's GM Notes before running the script (!PathfinderImport) and then it creates a character sheet, fills it out and links it to the token (and fills out the green bar as HP). Read more in the linked thread, however it got locked due to timing out. (Note his name on the board is now "GM", if you want to contact him directly about it. For other questions, this community is awesome, so feel free to ask here and probably someone will respond.) The Pathfinder Charactersheet is always being worked on (see here for current modifications) and I think this script is worth the effort of maintaining to keep working alongside it, to handle import of most cases of characters / NPCs / monsters, etc. The import script was written before the size category had it's modifiers automatically included in the sheet, it now does. So when I imported a Giant Wasp (a large creature) the script gave it a -1 to hit for size, and the sheet did too (for including the size info). It's obviously a tiny thing to fix manually, but it got me thinking about what else might have gotten out of sync, or could be improved to make this the default importer for pathfinder GMs. To confirm I imported the Cloud Giant, where at first the binary alignment (rather than just one) "NG or NE" threw the importer off, but once I took that out it worked. However, under Attack Modifiers it included a size penalty, which was already counted by the template. So that confirms the problem. Pretty damn cool that it does repeating attacks and all that at all though, had been a while since I had last looked at the importer. It's come a long way!  Anyone interested in helping keep it up to date? Taking out the size relevant attack modifiers being added for example? Also maybe someone already has been keeping up privately, and is willing to share their changes/contributions - else this is just advertizing for this awesomazing script - and also a place any questions you might have. Thanks for being awesome, roll20 community! Julian