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LFG getting started in Legend of the Five Rings 4e (weekdays/GMT evening)

I recently stumbled upon the L5R system and am really intrigued by it. I would like to know if there are any groups playing(or forming) who would accept a new player. My previous experiences are with Pathfinder and 13th Age.
Oooh weekdays/GMT evening would certainly work for me time-wise, and I do rather like L5R, I'd certainly consider running something if there was enough interest.
Great to hear, so I guess if you could GM, we'd just have to find a few more players
I would possibly be interested if it were Monday or Wednesday nights... got other commitments the other nights.  I am still relatively new to L5R, but do enjoy it.  The one thing that I have found difficult so far, is the interactions between various clans and such, would really enjoy a game where the group is all part of 1-2 clans chosen together or by the GM and was focused more on the clan politics/outlooks/choices perhaps.
Strangely enough Mon/Wed are the better nights for me as well! I know what you mean about the clan interactions, I'd be happy to work with people to come up with a campaign concept that works for everyone. If people want to PM their ideas/skype address or whatnot!
Mon/Wed would be perfect for me too. And I guess to start learning for me, single clan campaigns would be best for me.
Well, isn't this coming together nicely!
Good. I'd guess about 2 more players would be enough to start something.
While I would love nothing more than to join in on an L5R game (I've been enamored with the system for a few years now), and the timeslot you've mentioned seems like it would work out well for me, I do have two quick questions which I'd like to know about before I sign up for anything: 1. Most important to me, is this going to be a text game or a voice game? Some mix of both (OOC in voice, for example)? The reason I ask is that with L5R I tend to prefer text-based games, since it allows for a bit of time between responses for newer players (and even old hands like me who might just need a bit to think of a proper Rokugani reply). 2. I assume this is going to be played weekly, but am I right in that assumption? Or is this likely to be multiple times per week? Biweekly? Just wondering what sort of time commitment you're looking for. If I do join up, I'll likely have a dozen other questions (as I said, I've been a player for a while), but those can all wait. Looking forward to your reply. -Tyr
For me personnally I'd say once a week maximum, but I'm adaptable for less. The more technical question I'll leave to those with actual knowledge to sort out, but your preferences would be fine by me.
I would be looking at once a week or there abouts. Personally I would want to be doing it over voice, as, well if you're doing it via text, you may as well do a PbP, to be honest!
That's like arguing that sending an email is the same as having a chat through an Instant messenger. >_> It's similar only in that both are text transmitted electronically. That being said, I'm not trying to derail this thread or anything. If it's going to be a voice game, I'll humbly bow out. L5R by voice just isn't my cup of tea. If you change your minds, or if I change mine, I'll be around. ;D And best of luck.
Too bad,I guess 2 players is a little too less.
I am a 3rd play here if the time line up
if you put a game up you might get more