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Player Notes (o the journal)

Hi everyone, I don't know if this was already suggested or not but, something that I think it would be VERY useful to have are what I would call "Player Notes". The idea is that while roleplaying, the players will be inevitably bombarded with information that wont be easy to remember. While doing pen&paper, players usually have some kind of notebook to aid them, but onRoll20 there's none. Anyone could argue that "oh but you can just open notepad or some other tool and dump your notes there...". That's true, BUT ... where will you keep them? So, if the players would be able to create notes on their char sheet or something similar (probably add them has  player section on the Journal), this would be beneficial because the player would have everything in hand AND inside Roll20. this would be a very simple thing to implement since the Journal already exist and the DM already have this kind of functionality. Extending this for players would be virtually done :) Hope it's useful :) Regards, - Miguel
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Hi Miguel, There are 2 places, equally useful for this: Character Bio tab, or Handouts. Either way, GM can assign Editing permission to 1 or more Players. Character Bio Tab is usually used per-character, so it is usually per-Player, though you can give Editing permission to more than 1 player here if you want. &nbsp;The Player will click on their token or their journal tab & select their character, go to Bio tab, hit Edit. Type any notes you want there (and can place 1 picture), then they'll click Save. This is a good place to keep notes. My players keep track of their Experience and victories here. Handouts is another common place for Player Notes. &nbsp;GM can create 1 or more Handouts, perhaps it can be titled "Player's Notes Here", and assign permission to any or all the Players for co-editing this Handout. Wiki docs, <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
Perfect. Didnt know that i he handouts could be configured to be edited bybthe players. That solves the problemas defenetly :) Many thanks!
I agree, however, it would be nice if as a player I could automatically make my own notes, not visible to any of the other players or the DM. Similar to making notes in my book or paper journal at the table. If I wanted to make them available for other players as reference, I should be able to do that the same as the DM can make things visible if they want.&nbsp;
Making editable handouts is definitely a solid holdover, but I would still like to see something a little more specialized for the role with some more fitting features.
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