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UK Players (2) Looking for game at UK friendly times (GMT) D&D 5E

Hi, Myself and Andy R are looking for a group of friendly players who play semi-regularly at UK friendly times. Most games seem to be when i'm at work and im only really able to play 7pm GMT onward in the evenings ( I have a son who is a toddler i like to spend a few hours being attacked by him after work before he goes to bed) or weekends (when I have more flexibility and can stay up later). Both myself and Andy R would be prepared to DM for the group in the future but neither of us are familiar enough with the 5e rules yet to do so confidently. We would certainly be happy to do so down the line but are also happy to enjoy someone elses game as players. We would like to find a nice, reliable group to play with long term rather than just a one off. We are both mature players, i'm 36, he's, cough, 50!!! We have both played RPGs in the past. Him moreso, he even larps, so he is very into his roleplaying. I started out playing talisman, heroquest, and advanced heroquest, but played AD&D but not for quite a while (though suprised how much i still remember). We've played a few games through roll20 but only one-off beginner jaunts with very new DM's, and none of which were really in our timezone. It seems like most of the games taking place are on US times. Character-wise, I seem to gravitate toward rogues; him moreso paladins. Not sure what else to include. Please send me a pm if you have a good thing going and are looking for new faces or can give a good steer toward some like minded people. Thanks, Rob
I've only just started DMing a group last week, so I'm booked on that account, but if you guys do find a DM and end up being a player short, I'd like to throw my hat in the ring. I'm in GMT+1, so 7pm+ is a good fit for me, too.
I'd be interested in joining as a player, been looking for a group in UK friendly TZ for ages xD 

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I myself have been looking to join a group as a PC for a while now and, if it's possible I would love to join yours! I live one hour ahead of you so UK time is great for me, but I do prefer to play on weekends.
Same boat as averyone else, looking to join as a player, struggiling to find a group in my timezone, lol
I would also be interested in joining if there's any space. One problem might be that I'm 15, I appreciate that's an issue for some people. 
Im UK based and have some experience DMing 4th and 5th edition. Been looking to start up a weekly game that can be easily squeezed into an evening for those with families. So no more than about 2.5hours per session. Short, I know, but I found that works well when it's weekly. I would prefer mondays or wednesdays, with a start time of around 7-7.30 GMT. I'd be happy to DM to start as well (and happy to step aside in time if you guys want to try a hand at it). If that sounds good for you two, toss me a PM and we'll see about starting something.
Lot of interest but I'm also interested in joining as a player. I also struggle to find games in my timezone being from England. Vaguely familiar with 5E but never played it.
Man, so many UK players struggling to find a game, all we need is a DM and we should be good to go lol.
I've been intrigued with the idea of running a 5E game internationally for awhile now but the timezone thing was a bit of a barrier, and it hit me that I can run in the mornings or whenever as, being retired, I have great flexibility when I play. I live in Pacific Time so, for a 7PM GMT game I'd be playing 11AM which is totally doable. Also, since Roll20 allows me to copy campaigns I can run the same campaign for different groups (I used to do that sort of thing all the time). I am currently running a campaign set in a fantasy version of the UK which seems somehow apropos. So, I can DM but I would like to gauge if someone would be interested in co-DM, primarily to run the NPCs and encounters. BTW, due to technical issues with my venerable black computer, I only use voice (no video) but would be willing to launch in Google Hangout if that would help. Rob, I'll be sending you a PM.

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I'm in the US but I keep looking for a morning/afternoon game and would be interested in getting in on this too if us Yanks are welcome!
I have a campaign going, with compatible times, Friday nights, but with Pathfinder rules. Contact me, if interested. It's a very nice group of players.