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[LFP] SWN - Building from the ground up & playing on the weekends (timeslot open)


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In my first session GM'ing for SWN, I designed this elaborate 10-pin setup of a SWN universe.  It ended up being knocked over by the PCs who had other ideas about what they wanted - which taught me my first lesson:  No campaign survives first contact with PC interaction.  I'm creating a second campaign utilizing the things that I learn from the first.  I'm employing an open strategy to construction which will be co-constructed by the PCs intending to play. Without further ado, I'm looking for 4-5 players who are interested in building a long-running campaign with me.  The title is Smuggler's Gamut  and explains the scope of the campaign.  Instead of building all worlds ahead of time, I will do it progressively as the characters explore the universe themselves.  Session times are open with the only limiting factor being that it will have to take place over the weekends.  It can be weekly or bi-weekly, night or day and is open to all  player types.  If you are interested, search Stars Without Number  from the "Find me a Group" option on Roll20 home.  My listing will show up there.
Question: Did you put the questionnaire and house rules thread in the private campaign forum? ;) Also, how are you with players who are completely new to the system? I basically didn't know SWN even existed before I clicked on this thread (which I did mostly to find out what SWN was short for). I find the setting very appealing, though, and I've always wanted to get into a game of this type. I'd probably need some handholding in the beginning, but I'm generally a quick study.
Karl V.
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I'm fine with new players.  I'll be going through applications on Sunday (Nov. 8th) and selecting the crew.