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Why so many dice?

New to Roll20, just about to get involved in a 5ed D&D game and am trying to get familiar with all the neat little 'gadgets' One that's got me puzzled is when I roll from the weapon section of the character sheet and a whole load of dice will get thrown on the table (I have 3D dice active). I understand why the 2 D20's (in case of Dis/advantage. But why the 3 damage dice? Critical would only require 2 to be rolled. Am I missing something? (Likely, as I'm not THAT experienced with 5ed either :) )
You need to toss in more information like which sheet you're using, which weapon, and what you put in the damage and crit damage portions of the weapon macro.
If you click the roll button, then press the up arrow in chat, it'll show you the contents of the roll macro.  That should give you some insight into what each roll means.
Brian,it was the 5ed character sheet option from Roll20.It's not my macro or one created by my GM.
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I'm guessing that the attack roll is rolling for damage, damage for a crit and damage for an advantage crit.  They all get rolled so the dice are seen, but you will only see the results in chat if you roll high enough on your attack.
Sorted, incorrect entry in the character sheet :)
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Dave L. said: Sorted, incorrect entry in the character sheet :) There are LOTS of entries that can be made... and buttons to push.  :-)  Cheers
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Since you've resolved your issue I'll go ahead and close this thread now. Feel free to open a new one if you have any other problems.